Given the lack of labor, the hotel industry had to adapt in the country of Lorient – Lorient

“COVID has amplified the hiring problem, especially for first-time temporary workers, but there were early symptoms.” It is in these terms that Frédéric Lantoine, director of the Belambra holiday center in Guidel, speaks of the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs in the hotel and restaurant industry. For many of them, the health crisis has forced them to adopt a form of resilience. Schedules, communication, working conditions… Employers have adapted.

Hospitality and catering: unattractive professions?

Weekend work, late work hours: the working conditions of the hotel and restaurant industry lead to many reservations. According to Yannick Corbel, director of Lorient Bretagne Sud Tourisme, “they are professions of commitment, but the confinements have led people to return to normal hours. Employees now choose their position according to the difficulty of the job.” We had to adapt, as Frédéric Avignon, deputy director of the hotel-restaurant Les Mouettes, in Larmor-Plage points out: “We have transformed working conditions, we are housing staff and segmenting tasks according to skills.”

New recruitment levers

“The seasonal workers came back on their own, with the loyalty of our management”, says Frédéric Lantoine with satisfaction. The director of the Belambra center talks about the new levers that make it possible to remedy hiring difficulties: “We have worked on retaining our staff by eliminating precarious contracts. We also offer skilled training in various trades. As for Frédéric Avignon, his battle horse is modernity: “I communicate a lot on social networks, relying on a vast network: Indeed, Le Bon Coin, Pôle Emploi…”.

The new generation is immersed in digital, we want to show them that they have the opportunity to practice a profession that makes sense

Seduces the digital generation of temps

“The little-known aspect of our profession is that it has modernized enormously in the last four or five years,” says Frédéric Avignon. Whether in terms of digitization, organization or task flexibility, the restorer claims to have evolved enormously thanks to “click and collect” or social networks. Employers hunt temporary workers online: “The new generation is immersed in digital technology, we want to show them that they have the opportunity to participate in work that makes sense.”

A sector accustomed to the unknown…

Although the health and safety protocol has allowed his teams to overcome the winter period against the Omicron variant, Frédéric Lantoine hopes that the spring outbreaks of covid-19 and influenza will not slow down economic activity in the region. However, the director of the Belambra de Guidel club clarifies: “We can be worried about the activity because we have many unknowns; In addition to the war in Ukraine and the cost of fossil fuels, elections will also play a role as people travel less during this period.”

in complement

“I put my hook in an ocean where there are no fish anymore”

Frédéric Avignon, manager of the hotel-restaurant Les Mouettes in Larmor-Plage, is also facing recruitment difficulties, but he prefers to be positive and adapt his organization.

The Easter holidays kick off the season, are you ready, is your team complete?

We have 18 employees at the hotel-restaurant Les Mouettes, in Larmor-Plage, and in the summer we go up to 26. For Easter it’s fine, but for this summer I’m short of four people and, before, this time, they were already recruited. We are searching through Pole Emploi, our networks, social networks but I put my hook in an ocean where there are no more fish… so we have to look for alternatives.

What are they ?

Some are already announcing that they will close one or two days a week, it is a new economic model! At Les Mouettes, this is not relevant. Our structure allows us versatility, we are open 365 days a year and everyone can take someone’s job in case of a problem. To overcome this recruitment problem, we played Tetris! The idea is to review the internal organization, give responsibilities to employees. They will oversee small arms, people who don’t necessarily have the skills but want to work. Anyone can open oysters or cut vegetables. We do not have a job profile to fill, we are looking for arms that extend. We do not replace, we complete. We think that small contracts of 10 hours per week may be of interest to students, retirees, people looking for a salary supplement.

How do you see the future?

We have great respect for our employees. We are flexible because they are. We have set things in motion: the hours are annualized, they work full time, two days off in a row, we have a time savings account, a free mutual, a works council, all of this helps to maintain and hire. Instead of saying that it was better before, I prefer to say: how will we do tomorrow? we can’t function like before, so we adapt. In the country of Lorient, we are at 6% unemployment and there is an incomprehensible 5%… But we must keep the positive, we do great jobs, which make sense and there are solutions to deal with this labor shortage.

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