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On the occasion of the restored version of the Japanese horror films, Ring, Dark Water and Audition, test your knowledge of J-Horror and the American remakes.

The classics of Japanese horror movies Hearing, Ring et dark water reappear in theaters in a restored 4K version. This time we offer you a quiz about J-Horror and more specifically about the American remakes of these films.

From The ring for dark water passing by the grudge et Vegetables, in the early 2000s many Japanese horror films were remade in the United States. Become cult, some of these feature films have even recently received a new version: Le Cercle – Rings from F. Javier Gutierrez released in 2017 and the grudge from Nicholas Pesce (2020).

Can you answer these 7 questions?

did you know

to the origin, Ring is a novel of what suzukia writer whose notoriety in Japan is equivalent to that of Stephen King. Published in 1991, the book was a success, but the movie premiereHideo Nakata In 1998 the sales of the book were relaunched, of which 3 million copies were sold. The novel Ring It is the first part of a trilogy consisting of Grasspublished in 1995 and Circle (1998).

When it was released in Japan in December 1998, The Ring of Hideo Nakata was accompanied in theaters by its original sequel, titled Grass and staged by joji lida. But dissatisfied with the quality of this second play, Hideo Nakata and the screenwriter Hiroshi Takahashi he decided to shoot a new sequel to his movie so that people would forget about this movie.

Released in 1999, ring 2the official sequel to the 1998 film is therefore not the first adaptation of the second novel in the trilogy.

A nod to Nakata’s film is also present in Audition by takashi miike. In one scene in the movie, Asami, the heroine, is sitting on the floor, completely still, with her long black hair in front of her face. Or the recurring position of Sadako, Ring’s murderous spirit.

Organized by Gore Verbinsky (who had just directed The Mexican with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts), the American remake starring naomi watts it hit theaters 6 years after the original, in 2003, and started the trend of American remakes of Japanese horror movies.

American versions of The Grudge, directed by takashi shimizuthe director of the original (Ju on), Dark Water, Pulse, and sequels to The Ring and The Grudge soon followed.

The rancor continues to spread

Produced in 2000 by takashi shimizu, Ju on It begins with the first two films subtitled The Curse that tell stories of evil presences in haunted houses.

Two years later, the Japanese filmmaker directed Ju-On: The Grudge, the first film in the franchise. Push the cursor further than in the first works as the curse is perpetuated by the spirits of the people killed under the blow of revenge. 2 sequels will follow.

Given the success of these films, Hollywood studios offered the filmmaker to make a remake of the American himself.

the grudge The US version was shot entirely in Japan. For sam raimiwhich produces the film, it was out of the question to transfer the story to the United States.

The Evil Dead director explains: “The power of history, its climate would have been impoverished. (…) The fear that comes out of the film also comes out of the places where the action takes place”. 2 other American suites will follow, the scream 2 et the grudge 3 released direct to DVD.

But the studios have not decided to stay there since the reboot will be released in 2020. the grudge, directed by Nicolas Pesce and still produced by Sam Raimi. This time the curse will hit Peter (juan cho), a real estate agent, and Detectives Goodman (Demian Bichir) and Muldoon (Andrea Riseborough).

In the same year, Netflix aired the Japanese series Ju-On: the originswhich returns, as its title indicates, to the origins of the curse.

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