La Voz 2022, the battles: Amel Bent moved, candidate victim of a voice extinction

On Saturday, April 16, 2022, the last battles of the season of The voice 2022. In groups of two, the last candidates to pass competed on the same song, chosen by their coaches. I like it previous weeks, the theft of Talents was possible, making the outcome of the show uncertain until the last minute. But in the end, each trainer had their team ready for the crossover battles!


Battle between Marie, Ambriel and Duchelle

The three candidates sang about the title Fighter by Christina Aguilera. A tube that totally corresponded to them according to Amel Bent, who saw great warriors in them. Together, they showed a lot of energy. It was very difficult to decide between them. However, Vianney and Florent Pagny had a slight preference for Marie, while Marc Lavoine was more seduced by Ambriel, believing that she accompanied the music better. All were in any case agreed to confirm that they had offered a real show. Amel Bent decided keep Maria for the rest of the adventure. He has a date in the cross battles.

Battle between Raphaël, Matteo and Nicolas

The trio of men performed on stage performing Janie’s hit, My idol. A very moving song. Raphaël, Matteo and Nicolas showed great symbiosis. “You offer beauty, you’re on the right track, I’m proud of you“, Amel Bent addressed them very moved. The choice was heartbreaking for the coach but she decided keep matthew, the most prepared for the rest of the adventure according to her despite her young age, specifically 17 years old. She has a date in the cross battles.

Battle between Ollie and Cherine

It is a rock and melancholy battle that took place then. As soon as he recruited Ollie and Chérine into his team, Amel Bent wanted to see them sing. The reason of the Hoobastank group. In this planetary tube, the mission was to offer a nostalgic moment. At the end of his performance, the coaches were all very divided. Amel Bent decided keep cherine. He has an appointment in the cross battles.


Battle between Henry and Pauline

Henry had almost brought Vianney to tears during the blind auditions thanks to his sensitivity and his moving personal story marked by the death of his brother. For her part, Pauline had taken a little longer to convince the coach, but the latter was still sure of his great talent at the end of his audition. Vianney decided to blackmail them into they love her by Michel Sardou. This battle was very moving and touched the hearts of all four trainers. “A little gem, it was magnificent.“, judged in particular Florent Pagny. Very moved, and with tears in his eyes, Vianney decided to follow the opinion of the other judges and keep Pauline. He has an appointment in the cross battles.

Battle between Lena and Ila

Vianney had them compete in The winner takes it all, the cult song of the group ABBA. With a softer, less energetic version than the original, Ila and Lena took on the challenge of making the song their own. “You did a crazy job, you didn’t give up and it’s an amazing job, congratulations“, dropped her coach. She seduced Amel Bent, Florent Pagny and Marc Lavoine and Vianney. She has a date in the cross battles.

Amel Bent called Lena to join in the adventure. She joins his team for the cross battles and thus takes the place of Natalie, the first candidate that she had stolen.

Battle between Lord Mat and Maseko

Sure The candies of Jacques Brel that this battle took place. Maseko struggled to get hold of the song, which he doesn’t like at all and finds very strange. Unlike Mister Mat, she grew up with these kinds of hits. finally she is “a moment of magic” that they offered to the public. Vianney was overwhelmed to attend the function of “two colossi with the heart of a child“. But something happened according to him with Mr Matt. He decided to keep it for the rest of the adventure, he has an appointment in the cross battles.


Battle between Thomas and Kevin

About Josh Groban’s title, You raise Me Up, amazed the audience, achieving great vocal prowess. Which necessarily pissed off his trainer. “It’s amazing to see the battles turn into sublime duos. Let’s look for small things, Thomas has this power and Kevin is able to climb very high. Whereby…“, he declared while still hesitating about his choice. Finally, Florent Pagny decided keep kevin. He has an appointment in the cross battles.

Battle between Amber and Elise

For the last game in Florent Pagny’s team, the coach brought Ambre and Elise together on stage over Richard Cocciante’s title, Tanned. They both gave their all and worked hard to deliver a successful performance and it’s clear that their efforts paid off. Elise, however, kept more to herself when she was the one who mastered her technique the most. Amber on the contrary, it truly embodied the story of the song, which was greatly appreciated. And in particular to Florent Pagny who decided to keep it. He has an appointment in the cross battles.


Battle between Maestrina and Stephen

Maestrina et Esteban they have many things in common. They both showed a wild and very rock side during their blind auditions. Between them, it was the “foufous” battle, as Maestrina nicknamed it. It is in the same spirit that they sang in I have seen Niagara, and they gave it their all. Unanimously, however, the other three trainers preferred Maestrina, who managed to dominate the battle with his voice but also with his stage presence. Marc Lavoine decided master gardener for the rest of the adventure. He has a date in the cross battles.

Battle between Axel, Caroline and Fabien

It is still a three-way battle that Marc Lavoine had to compose. For the occasion, he decided to combine the very different and unique voices of Fabien, Axel and Caroline in the title. heavy cross of gossip. His vocal harmonies worked very well. “It made me happy to see them sing together, so connected, it was wonderful“said Marc Lavoine. The latter still felt that Caroline, 25 year old motherwas the heroine of his paintingand that’s why he decided save it for later. He has an appointment in the cross battles.

Battle between Basil and Apie

Final battle for Marc Lavoine, and no less important. The coach has placed high hopes in this duo formed by Basil and Apie. And he started badly with the latter present only in the video training after having contracted Covid-19. But it was in good form that he appeared on stage to face Basil on D-Day. Both dressed in white at the request of Marc Lavoine, they shared a moving version of leave me a placeby Julien Clerc. “It touched me, I did not expect it“said his coach after the fact. Unfortunately, Basil had a bit of a problem with his voice dying on stage, which inevitably gave his opponent the upper hand.”In fact, it’s just due to Basil’s little voice issue because Apie was then able to exit the game. Basil put up a good fight but with a voice that stayed a bit in the background.Florent Pagny judged. Marc Lavoine could only agree with his boyfriend. It is Apie whom he decides to stay. for the future. He has an appointment in the cross battles.


Vianney: Axel, Emilie, Louise, Gautier, Gabin, Pauline, Ila, Mister Mat

Amelia Bent: Vike, Doryan, Luigiano, Leeroy, Marie, Matteo, Lena, Chérine

Florencio Pagny: Nour, Jean Palau, Jade, Sonia, Charles, Morgane, Lou, Kevin, Amber

Marc Lavoin: Clément, Jérôme, Ofé, Lloris, Léa, Madeline, Maestrina, Caroline, Apie

This last afternoon of battles attracted 3.41 million viewerswhich represents an audience share of 17.7% older than four years. The market share reaches 26.7% of the commercial target of female purchasing managers under 50 years of age (FRDA-50). TF1 was second in ratings for the night, behind France 3 with its series cassandra. The second part of the show, from 10:40 p.m. to 11:55 p.m., kept 3.02 million people awake (23.7% 4+/30.8% FRDA-50).

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