Léa Salamé preferred Anne-Sophie Lapix: “We talked at length…”

The only face to face between immanuel macron et Marina LePen scheduled for April 20, four days before the second round of the presidential elections, is an important event in the campaign of the last two candidates in the running. They still remember their delicate face-to-face in 2017, which some even described as violent.

On April 14, it was announced that the heavy mission of hosting this debate live between two rounds would be entrusted to read salami (France 2) and Gilles Bouleau (TF1). Gilles Bouleau has been the presenter of the 20 Horas newscast on TF1 since 2012. Léa Salamé is the co-presenter ofelysee 2022the first part of the evening program that France 2 has dedicated to the presidential elections in recent months, but also the co-host ofWe are live (with laurent ruquier) and officiates in the morning of France Inter.

Léa Salamé was preferred to Anne-Sophie Lapix, denounced by the clan of Marine Le Pen. Jordan Bardella made it known last weekend that he refused to have the host of France 2’s 20 Heures JT co-host the debate between the two rounds. “Anne-Sophie Lapix, whom I respect as a journalist, cannot hide her hostility towards Marine Le Pen every time she receives her“, Jordan Bardella said on April 11 on the program Professional Hours in CNews. The 26-year-old politician also added that Emmanuel Macron was also not in favor of Anne-Sophie Lapix.

I get upset

In a joint interview with Gilles Bouleau conducted by the parisian At the TF1 headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt, Léa Salamé evokes the fact that she was preferred over Anne-Sophie Lapix and Jordan Bardella’s words about her colleague. “This also bothered me. It is not up to politicians to give journalists a good or bad point on a television., defends Léa Salamé. As for Anne-Sophie, I had a great pleasure working with her at Elysée 2022. She put herself in danger by agreeing to participate in this political program when she was not required to do so. In addition to being an excellent journalist, she is a brave and upright woman. We talked at length this week.

As for knowing if you perceive the animation of the between-two-turns as a holy grail or a thankless task, Raphaël Glucksmann’s companion answer : “Neither one nor the other !”I did not have this dream and was not a candidate. But it cannot be refused. It’s pretty exciting. Even if, journalistically, it’s not the most exciting exercise.the journalist honestly admits. It’s a moderator only job, which is not the same as during other discussions or an interview where you can follow up. We will learn not to interrupt. We won’t be able to say: ‘Oh no, Marine Le Pen! You can not say that. It is an exercise in sobriety and humility. I, who am Mediterranean and quite spontaneous, will have to contain myself as much as possible.

In addition to France 2 and TF1, the debate will be broadcast continuously on all four news channels, BFMTV, CNews, LCI and franceinfo. It will be directed by Didier Froehly, one of the great names in television production.

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