LFI rejects outstretched hand of the PS for negotiations

We will have to wait to see the socialists walk hand in hand with the rebels. The First Secretary of the PS Olivier Faure said he was ready on Saturday to engage in dialogue with Jean-Luc Mélenchon for the legislative elections, but the leader of the deputies of the LFI, Mathilde Panot, replied that there would be no discussions. Above all, she described this refusal as “definitive”.

While the rebels proposed on Friday to environmentalists and communists to form a coalition for the legislative of June 12 and 19, but excluding the Socialist Party, Olivier Faure assures that “(his) hand is outstretched”, in an interview with Release.

For Olivier Faure, “it is not possible to reject the discussion”

“I am willing to start a dialogue on the condition that it is not the staging of a lying poker game”, explains the First Secretary who, on the night of the first round, had called for “a pact for social and ecological justice”. . He acknowledges that “the presidential campaign has left traces” between both sides, but “now we have to overcome the resentments that exist.” According to him, “unless the idea that the left has a minority vocation is accepted, discussion with the left formation that has the strongest territorial network cannot be denied”, that is, the P.S..

However, he lays out some principles for an agreement: “First, target only candidates where there is a threat from the extreme right. So, avoid fratricidal duels every time there is a leftist or environmentalist.” “Finally, agree as often as possible on the candidate who has the best chance of winning against the right, taking into account the results of the last elections, the dynamics of the presidential election and the territorial arrangements.”

“The rebels have the main responsibility for the meeting because of their score. But they would be wrong to see it as a blank check,” he insists. Because, while the rebels want to build a coalition on the basis of their program, Olivier Faure believes that “the meeting will never be caporalization. Disagreements exist. (…) We must unite in our common struggles respecting the different histories and projects”.

Jadot and Roussel will have to explain themselves

LFI’s response will have taken less than 24 hours to arrive. And she is particularly scathing. Mathilde Panot indeed responded in the JDD, that there would be “no discussion”, “and this refusal is definitive”. The PS candidate Anna Hidalgo he didn’t want to build anything with us. We have taken note of his attacks and his refusal to make a lucid assessment of the five-year mandate François Hollande​ ».

It also specifies that Yannick Jadot and Fabien Roussel “must be held accountable for their numerous attacks on Mélenchon, it is a prerequisite”. “We are not asking for an exercise in public flogging (…) but they owe us an explanation. Yesterday for Jadot, we were friends with Poutine. Today, that doesn’t seem to stop his party from wanting to argue with us.” The cement of alliances, therefore, is still far from being set.

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