OM: The silence of the ultras during the Clásico? More than a bad mood, a consummated divorce

If there was someone who could save the atmosphere of the Clásico in the Park, on Sunday night, it was Kylian Mbappé. But even he failed, proof that the cause was lost beforehand. Despite his call from the foot launched at Canal’s microphone after the rouste clermontoise-“We would like the fans to be with us. We understand his disappointment. If they are with us it will be magnificent, if not, we will still do our job” – the chief of the fifteenth century was not heard.

Indeed, if the Collectif Ultra Paris has not officially communicated with PSG-OM, we can already confirm it. parisian info : Auteuil will remain mute, faithful to his line of conduct from elimination against Real and the fiasco in Monaco.

Nothing surprising. Tarp flipped over in Clermont parking lot, chants “And we don’t give a fuck!” after Neymar’s pain, and the defection from the COPA even before the final whistle were signs that showed that reconciliation is not for now. The club hoped that the arrival of OM would be enough to create a kind of sacred union, a parenthesis in the dispute, it will not be, proof that the discomfort is deeper and that the fracture goes far beyond the small brawl of the pair. contacted by 20 minutesPSG, for its part, prefers to “do like the fans: we don’t comment”.

Monaco, the fault of many

For Aymeric, this faithful among the faithful (47 years on the clock including 40 of cornering presence at the Parc des Princes), the pill is still stuck in his windpipe. “Since this March 9 and this umpteenth shame felt, it does not happen! These suspicious gestures of our normally irreproachable captain do not happen. These faces of victims that mask those of expected warriors do not pass. Those supposed soccer stars and geniuses who walk around with our shirt on their backs, without the slightest revolt in the face of difficulty, doesn’t happen. »

For several days, the attitude of the ultras and the announced silence against theABOUT sparked criticism on social media. Like it would be a shame not to liven up the stadium when we host the enemy Porte d’Auteuil. A point of view that former Parisian goalkeeper Jérôme Alonzo does not share at all.

However, brawls to shake the calves, knew some of them the Jérôme. “The defeat in Madrid, in absolute terms, bothers me, but it’s still football and it can happen. On the other hand, what happens in Monaco right after is not normal, judges the Prime Video consultancy. From there, the victories against Lorient and Clermont can’t afford forgiveness, you have to understand that. I hear people say “yes, but they went 5-1 and 6-1, the fans suck”. But no, you have to show more intelligence, more reflection. I don’t know It takes away their anger because you beat Clermont 6-1, you have to stop dreaming, it doesn’t work like that. »

“What you have to understand is that we have not had a response from the club since the press release, they tell us in the CUP delegation. While the press release was clear, a bit spicy of course, but detailed. When there are strikes and lawsuits, we usually negotiate and try to come out on top. There, as the club plays dead, it would be ridiculous to sing when nothing has changed. »

An unforgivable silence for the fans

In truth, the split between the ultras and the players is not so much the elimination against Real as the general apathy and isolation that followed. Aymeric: “Did you have a second awareness of our pain, of the dark hours we have suffered since then, of our frustrations and the shame that does not let go of us? Without conscience, without mea culpa, without communication, without respect, nothing! And we would also have to play the “sacred union” and pretend like nothing…”.

“The boys did not ask for much,” continues a close friend of the ultras. A bit of “sorry for those who made the trip, we screwed up.” A little regret, a little sincere, a little consideration. But hey, if it doesn’t reach them, it doesn’t reach them… I have the impression that they don’t understand that there is a globalized public, that of Instagram likes, and a closer, truer public. , more attached and therefore also more demanding. “If Jérôme Alonzo perfectly understands the anger of the fans, it is because at the time he also found himself in this type of situation.

If many banners failed the quest against Bordeaux, some might still be deployed.
If many banners failed the quest against Bordeaux, some might still be deployed. -Alain JOCARD / AFP

But they handled it in a completely different way: “They gave us more things, on the one hand because we were less good: we lost against Guingamp, they shouted but said ‘well, they’re not very poor, we’re not going to throw stones at them either” – and on the other hand because we tried to understand the protest, we tried to talk to them after the games.” “There few voices were raised after Madrid and Monaco to say ‘we’re sorry'”, he continues. Apart from Kylian, as always. others went to the national team and we never heard from them again. Even the leaders still don’t express themselves! “.

It is true that, beyond some media about the fall of the Super League or about Barça’s abysmal debts, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is very discreet. As for Leonardo, if anyone has heard from him, don’t hesitate to write to us. “At the time our presidents did not hide and came to rot us when things were not going well. It’s goodgo see the referees after the games, but after Monaco did you go to see your players to tell them that they are under everything? Alonzo gets angry. I do not think so. This radio silence is crazy… I think PSG fans can understand everything as long as we at least agree to tell them a little about what’s going on. »

The rejection of a project, the absence of a president

As our former member of the CUP points out when referring to what happened in the stands During Bordeaux’s reception at the Park, “the only consideration and communication from the club towards us was to send us the CRS and the bouncers to block our canvases, our banners and our words of revolt and sorrow. »

Idyllic for a long time, the relationship between the CUP and the NAK, which did a lot of work at the time to bring back the ultras in turn, it must be said, also seems to be faltering. Alonzo details: “What do they want Al-Khelaïfi for? Simply because he is no longer. With 12,000 different caps on him, there’s a real physical distance that creates a problem. People need a leader who can take bullets, a leader to talk to. But that leader no longer exists today. This feeling of abandonment makes them sick. That is exactly what the statement from the ultras said after Madrid.

Lastly, and last but not least, the failure of this 2021-2022 season despite a gold and silver contract has caused a real rejection of the Qatari project. “PSG is no longer a football club, they have turned it into a brand: the PSG brand as they say. But we don’t want any more bling and a team that looks more like Just Price’s showcase than eleven guys willing to do anything to honor their club, their fans”, blows Aymeric.

As we see, redemption will not come simply with a victory against OM on Sunday, although “it can be a stone on the road to peace for the brave”, according to Alonzo. Above all, he will go through a global review of the Parisian project this summer, if he wants it to happen.

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