Strasbourg keeps losing feathers, no winner between Metz and Clermont

watchful oukidja

On a blocked shot by Gastien, the Algerian goalkeeper takes no chances and concedes a corner, which does nothing.

It’s over in Troyes

Bad operation of Strasbourg, which concedes another draw in Troyes (1-1). Racing remains fifth, three points behind Rennes and the podium.

The Clermont Pub!

Allevinah finds Oukidja’s crossbar in an overflow shot.

Five minutes of added time at Troyes!

The suspense is always at its peak.

Sels s’interpose !

Strasbourg has not been since the penalty was awarded. In a new offensive carried out by Kaboré, Touzghar inherits the ball at the entrance to the surface. His attack is stopped by Sels. Kaboré remains on the ground.

Clermont keeps pressing

Messina’s defense continues to hold off the waves from Clermont, which are becoming more pressing in the last ten minutes.


The Trojan captain does not tremble and sends a mine under the Sales bar. 1-1 between Troyes and Strasbourg!

Penalty for Troyes!

On a missed shot by Touzghar, Perrin wants to clear the ball but kicks Baldé in the leg.

The opportunity for Troyes!

Mama Baldé tries to hit close to the surface, but misses the mark!

Angers does not abdicate

Always looking for their maintenance, Angers try to take advantage of the few opportunities they have, but it is Nantes who dominate scandalously.

Clermont accelerates

In numerical superiority, Clermont settles in the field of Messin and Pascal Gastien pushes his players.

Decisive mill!

Jessy Moulin makes two high-flying stops to prevent Strasbourg from taking the break.

Bertaud flies away

Saying that was enough for Kebbal to involve Bertaud.

Few opportunities in Montpellier

It is still just as difficult at La Mosson, where opportunities are very rare. A true half board game.

watchful sels

On a Trojan free kick, Matz Sels comes out with both fists in front of a forest of players.

What a stop from Oukidja!

The Metz goalkeeper made an impressive reflex save on a Clermont offensive.

Hair back in Montpellier

Champion of France with the MHSC in 2012, Rémy Cabella comes into play under the clamor of the Mossons. Small event, since not much happens in this match.


Coulibaly breaks the Mandrea wall! On a cross from Fabio, the Nantes striker perfectly extends his head to level! 1-1 between Nantes and Angers.


Habib Diallo does not tremble and transforms the phrase! Strasbourg leads and passes 4th!

Penalty for Strasbourg!

Gameiro is mowed down in the area by Biancone. After seeing the VAR, benoît Millot penalizes Racing.

Desmas is doing well

Released before the break, Atrthur Desmas brought good news to the Clermont squad. Djoco is still in the Clermont goals.

Not yet Cabella in Montpellier

For his return to La Mosson, Rémi Cabella is still on the bench when attacking the second half.

Strasbourg pressure

From the kick-off, the Strasbourgers took control of the game but failed to bring danger, especially Gameiro, who was very discreet.

1-1 between Metz and Clermont

After an exciting end of the half, Messins and Clermontois are back to back.

Concern for Desmas

The Clermont goalkeeper is hit by Kiki Kouyaté during his air exit. Stunned, Arthur Desmas is tended to by medical personnel. The concussion protocol kicks into gear when Djoco comes into play.

Hard blow for Nantes

Chirivella leaves injured, replaced by Cyprien. Not necessarily good news three weeks before the Coupe de France.

Red card for Niane!

Messin kicks Mendy in the face! First warned, Niane is eventually excluded. Metz will finish at 10 a.m. Nothing is going well for Frédéric Antonetti’s players.


Jodel Dossou puts the counters to zero! Served in the area, Clermontois hooks up and shoots from the left to the near post. 1-1 between Metz and Clermont! The Messin are last again.

Reims in difficulty

The Rémois still can’t find the inspiration to create chances. Many countries do not find takers.

Mandrea decisive again!

The Angevin goalkeeper made another reflex stop against Pallois to keep a clean sheet. Nantes continues to press to come back.

Troyes near the opener

Having come out deep, Conté was narrowly absorbed by the Strasbourg defence. His shot grazes the Sels post. Still 0-0.

Free kick for Savanier

The MHSC captain sends the leather against the wall. The Rémois can breathe, while they don’t offer much.

Great opportunity for Nantes

Ludovic Blas bumps into Mandrea, author of a great save on his line!


Nicolas De Préville frees Saint-Symphorien! The former Bordeaux is served by Sarr in depth and rolls his ball. A crucial goal since Metz is no longer last at the moment.

Metz and Clermont neutralize

In the game of fear, both teams play it safe and take little risk.


Sofiane Boufal opens the scoring for the SCO! With a good serve from Ounahi, Boufal won his duel with Lafont by delicately stealing the ball. 1-0 for Angers against Nantes!

Attack-defense in Nantes

Nantes shows 60% possession but has only shot once, as much as SCO.

62% possession for Montpellier

And four strikes. Great start for the MHSC, who have not yet found Reims to blame.

Frédéric Antonetti is still in the stands

Messin’s coach is serving his last game of suspension and watches from the stands the start of his team’s delicate game, dominated by Clermont.

Quiet start to Strasbourg

The Strasbourg players spin the ball as they wait for the opening in the ESTAC defence.

Nantes sits in front of the Angevin goals

Moses Simon and Nantes come down hard on the Angevins huddled in their camp. Already three corners obtained in 7 minutes.

First offensive in Montpellier

Téji Savanier takes his first shot of the match but misses. Still 0-0 between MHSC and Reims, but Montpellier presses on.

Troyes-Strasbourg: ESTAC puts its foot on the ball

In good dynamics in recent weeks, the Trojans must add points against Strasbourg in order to stay. The beginning of the game is balanced.

Alignments Montpellier-Reims



Rajkovic – Faes, Konan, Busi, Foket – Csetting, Munetsi, Van Bergen – Kebbal, Matusiwa, Lopy.

The Metz-Clermont Compositions



Desmas – Billong, Mendy, Zedadka, Abdul Samed – Ogier, Khaoui, Magnin, Gastien – Kyei, Dossou.

The line-ups of Nantes-Angers


Lafont – Fabio, Pallois, Girotto, Castelletto – Simon, Chirivella, Blas, Merlin – Coulibaly, Kolo Muani.

you will go

Different topics this afternoon

After Rennes’ loss to Monaco, Strasbourg can regain 4th place and return to within a point of Rennes. For its part, Nantes can get closer to European positions in the event of a victory against Angers. Finally, at the bottom of the standings, the duel of fear will take place in Saint-Symphorien, where Metz (20th) hosts Clermont (18th).

Good morning to all

Welcome to this direct to follow the multiplex of matchday 32 of Ligue 1. Four games are on the program at 3:00 p.m.:

– Metz-Clermont

– Montpellier-Reims

– Nantes-Angers

– Troyes-Strasbourg

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