The Peugeot 308 arrives second-hand: good offers in sight?

The peugeot 308 is the best-selling compact sedan in France, by quite a bit since in the first 3 months of 2022 9,017 copies were sold (9th sale on the market) when the second, the Citroen C4 sold 5,674 copies (rank 14) and the Renault Megane3rd compact, 4,105 units (22nd place).

A satisfaction for Peugeot, which had no margin for error with its compact play 3. However, not everything was rosy. It suffered some criticism regarding its style, it is true very elaborate, and its prices, at least high.

On the other hand, it does not lack qualities either. More comfortable than the previous generation, but just as dynamic on the road, with a hyper-modern presentation with its 3D i-cockpit, digital instrumentation and configurable touch screen shortcuts to access the various functions of the car, it also offers a wide variety of engines, ranging from diesel to plug-in hybrids, including gasoline.

And its equipment has nothing to envy the best in the category, even on the premium side, as well as its quality of finish, which can be compared without false modesty to that of a audi a3 for example.

But as we have said, it is quite expensive in return, although its price/equipment ratio is very correct. Its arrival, today, in numbers to the second-hand market, can it lead to good business? This is what we wanted to check, classified ads in front of us. But for starters, where can you find a used 308 III?

Used Peugeot 308 III: supply chains

After six months of maximum commercialization, and as on all recent occasions, these are the first copies of the concessions that are put up for sale. Executive and demo vehicles are the main part of the offer, accompanied by “0 km occasions”, those models that are registered by dealers to achieve their quarterly or annual sales goals, and which are then resold in used condition, never driven.

People usually resell their car much later. This is illustrated by the proportion of professional sellers among the classifieds: more than 99%! And individual vendors can be counted on the fingers of one hand (or two hands).

And the professionals, post their ads mostly on major sites like The central, and the right corner. There are currently around 1,400 cars in these two media waiting for their new owner.

Peugeot also has its own used car classifieds site. Now they are all tagged as Spoticar:

There are approximately 450 models for sale at the moment.

Finally, please note that the site previously reserved for Peugeot employees, “clicpeugeot”, is now closed. Invite to visit the site “Carventura“, where at the time of writing, there is no announcement of Peugeot 308 III.

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