the son of a very famous french actor on the set

The days go by, but they don’t look alike on the set of 12 noon chimes. In fact, each episode brings its share of surprises and jokes. One thing is certain, we always have a good time in the company of the faithful entertainer, Jean-Luc Reichmann. This Tuesday, April 12, the presenter had the visit of a particular person on his set of TF1. In fact, she was surprised to see Mathias Moncorgé, who is none other than the son of the very famous actor Jean Gabin. We tell you the story!

The 12 strokes of noon: an unexpected and touching guest!

Every day, on the broadcast of 12 noon chimes, presenter Jean-Luc Reichmann likes to discover his guests. In fact, he wants to know everything about his little protégés and asks them to every Time to tell a little personal anecdote. It also helps set the mood on set, because they always have amazing stories to share with us. In fact, it’s not just the competition and the game that counts! The 61-year-old presenter often finds himself in comical situations. For example, the candidates do not hesitate to trust him and at the same time throughout France. This is how they tell their stories of infidelity, their great nonsense or their moments of shame. Everything is allowed on the set of 12 chimes at noon!

An emotional anecdote for Women’s Day

Not long ago, for Women’s Day, Jean-Luc Reichmann asked his guests for a woman’s anecdote. One of the contestants told the story of her mother and her own birth. this had been interchanged against another baby in the maternity ward. At first, the nurses thought she was crazy and didn’t listen to her. But to her mother, it was obvious. The cries of this baby were not those of her daughter. She was right to insist, because it turns out that the babies had indeed been switched. An incredible story that could have turned into a tragedy!

This Tuesday, April 12, it is not a candidate who marked the spirits of the 12 noon chimesbut a very special guest…

A special guest at 12 chimes at noon!

everyone was very surprised to find out Mathias Moncorgé in the program of 12 chimes at noon. In fact, he is the son of the popular actor Jean Gabin. As soon as he arrives on the set, Jean-Luc Reichmann is amazed, because to his father he seems like two peas in a pod. ” Mom was not wrong!“, the guest even joked. So, inevitably, the presenter took the opportunity to question him about his progenitoran icon in the world of French cinema.

Jean Gabin’s children were unaware of her celebrity

the hearing of TF1 by the wild appris and Mathias moncorge he was unaware of his father’s immense popularity. In fact, she found out when the latter died. ” You know, that’s what I always explain, is that dad was putting a barrier between his work and his personal life with mom and their kids. […] We knew he was an actor, but we didn’t know what he stood for. In fact, it was when dad died that we realized what he represented for France, for people, even abroad.explained the son of the actor who took his last breath on November 15, 1976.

In his personal life, Jean Gabin was a very different man from what he could show on television sets. In fact, father and son had a common passion for animals. They had even planned to carry out an important and significant project. Unfortunately, they were unable to reach the end of this ambition together, as he explains on the set of 12 noon chimes: « I was 20 years old. Everything collapsed. Mainly because it had a lot to do with him, we had decided to do a lot of stuff. Not in the movie business, but in breeding, in horses.”said Mathias Moncorgé. Very touching memories that he shared on the show.

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