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Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely never as strong as when challenged. Booed by his own fans, swept up in a media whirlwind after his heat stroke at Everton a week ago, the Portuguese calmed everyone down with a new hat-trick this Saturday against Norwich. Allow Manchester United to dream of the Top 4 again.

Frustrated by Manchester United’s unfortunate defeat against Everton last weekend, CR7 had spent his nerves on the phone of a young spectator. In the process, the Mersey Police even announced the opening of an investigation to determine what really happened. Meanwhile, the Madeira native apologized and invited this fan to attend a meeting at Old Trafford. A proposal finally rejected by his mother, indicating that her son did not want to see Ronaldo. Too bad, she could have seen the Portuguese show that he recorded a hat-trick against Norwich to give victory to Manchester United and end a difficult week for him in the most beautiful way. Because in addition to this story with the young fan of CandiesCR7 also saw the British media indicate that he would not be part of Erik ten Hag’s plans – he insistently announced on the bench Red Devils next season – for the rebuilding of United. Questioned, sometimes postponed by Ralf Rangnick, criticized by some of the fans, Cristiano Ronaldo, as always, has responded to all these little people on the field. And it was Norwich who paid the price.

A savior named CR7

Facing Norwich, Ronaldo recalled that, however, he was fundamental in these Red Devils. However, bereft of blond locks, usually heralding a master class, the Portuguese needed little or no one to make the dust talk. Although he received some offerings from Canary Islands as Dean Smith confided after this game: “Ronaldo makes the difference, but we offered him the first two goals on a plateau and Tim (Krul) should have saved the third. » A third goal of particular importance for Ronaldo’s morale. Already because he is the pawn of victory -having returned Norwich to 2-2-, but above all because he marked it in a free kick. An exercise in which the Portuguese has failed for a long time in recent weeks, the last free kick from him dates back to September 2020. So yes, his rivals were generous, but it is no coincidence that it was Ronaldo who I gave them pay. invoice. Confirmation from Ralf Rangnick at a press conference: “He showed against Tottenham and today that he can make the difference in those moments, in games like this, and it is no coincidence that he is the top scorer of all time. He proved it again today. »

The 100 club in the viewfinder

Even more impressive, to register the 60me Tripled in his career -the second since his return to United after the one against Tottenham on March 12-, the Portuguese only exhibits an xG of… 0.84. Or half of his team’s. With his three additional pawns, CR7 is especially close to the bar of 100 conquests in the Premier League, he who now has 99. A bar, which he has already crossed in LaLiga and which narrowly escaped him in Serie A, which only 32. players have achieved in the history of the Premier League. A restricted club that Ronaldo should undoubtedly join in the coming days. Because the former Real Madrid striker is determined to finish this season, and probably his second spell in the north of England, by bringing United back in his place. Understand in the Champions League. Although CR7’s statistics are more than correct (21 goals in 34 games in all competitions), any other result than a place in the top 4 would be seen as a failure for the one who came back in a big way last summer, accompanied of a storytelling that Netflix would not have denied. A complicated mission, but far from impossible. Because if Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t necessarily helped by his team-mates, and in particular by his fellow defenders, he can count on the help of rivals Arsenal and Tottenham, who are doing everything they can to ensure that Manchester United retain their dream of be in the top 4. On the other hand, CR7 will not be able to count on the sympathy of Liverpool, with whom the Red Devils will go to a late game in the Premier League this Tuesday. From Reds who had delivered a violent 5-0 to Manchester United in the first leg. A good rival to cross the bar of 100 goals in the Premier League. But also so that this return ends with a smile.

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