this day when he offended Pierre Palmade, the furious comedian

On the side of the stars like policies, we avoid Anne-Sophie Lapix at all costs. When you read her portrait, you will be amazed!

Anne-Sophie Lapix in danger!

In a few days, the debate on Between Two rounds will be held. Before the head of the poster, the followers hope that there will be no setbacks for their favorite candidate. We remember that five years ago, Marine Le Pen got entangled. For his part, Emmanuel Macron had transformed the test. WhileOn going he was new, he only had experience as a budget minister. Against all odds, the former banker eliminates the two historic moves in the race for the Elysee. What does Anne-Sophie Lapix think?

However, despite many disagreements with their viral, the duo have one thing in common. By selecting the journalists who will lead this debate, they automatically disqualify Anne-Sophie Lapix. we saw it recently with Rachida Dati, handles heat/cold like no other. The portrait they make of him cannot leave any viewer indifferent. ” Hostile« , « *killer« , « I weighed“, she seems marginalized. As a misfortune never happens alone, among the people, we also reject it. Wow… what happened?

All about the horrible reputation of Anne-Sophie Lapix

A few years ago, Anne-Sophie Lapix presented Up to you. The principle of the show is simple. Around a good meal, he received the guests who give news. Today, she is no longer in charge of this moment of togetherness. The channel preferred the spontaneity of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. Ah, if the walls of the old set could talk, they would say things to Objeko.

His attitude exceeds

As proof, many of them do not to forget not his step. in the weekly columns telemaraour colleagues tell us that the comedian “ Pierre Palmade left furious ! Someone from the technical team Up to you throw a stone into the pond On condition of anonymity and no doubt for fear of reprisals, he declares. ” It took some time for him to learn to interview artists differently from politicians. she was headed ! We would have understood, she doesn’t beat around the bush. When Anne-Sophie Lapix has an idea in mind, no one is born who is able to stop her in her tracks. In the face of criticism, she supports this devastating decision. If she’s going to carry out her projects, don’t count on her to ” invite politicians to the table« .

What’s more, the candidate for the National Rally found him a nickname that now sticks to his skin. could she become « madam political commissar of public service? And for good reason, his strategy differs from that of his colleagues. Anne-Sophie Lapix´nnot have lunch with [eux], he doesn’t text them, he has no contact with them except during the live. » We have never seen that! Love her or hate her, she wants to keep her.” complete independence”.

What does the interested party think?

At the dawn of her fiftieth birthday, Anne-Sophie Lapix’s address book has no affinity for politicians. As proof, another journalist from France 2 assures that she is doing everything possible so that the discomfort calms down. It comes through details, attitudes, facial expressionsbe hated“. As we can see in the publication above, her altercation with Xavier Bertrand continues in all panties. To discover the annoyance and the head of Nicolas Sarkozy’s former minister and current president of the Hauts-de-France region, “sthe scathing questions and his smile annoy »

Throughout her career, Anne-Sophie Lapix has kept in mind that ” politicians have a stronger resistance than the other interviewees” ! When asked where her stubbornness comes from, she clearly assumes her desire to win her case. Certainly it is not p*sion s*dam” , more than ” it’s good to go after an interrogation » !

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