this terrible Palace announcement that worries everyone

The health of Queen Elizabeth II has worried the English for some time. In fact, she canceled her presence at several events, in particular one of them, which is very important and waited Find out why the 95-year-old Sovereign will be absent from Buckingham Palace…

Queen Elizabeth II is increasingly absent from events

The English are worried about their queen Elizabeth II. In fact, she cancels her presence for certain official acts while in previous years she did participate in it. What worries the British even more is that it is the first time in 50 years that she does not assume her responsibilities. For example, on Thursday, April 14, she did not He participated at Mass on this holy day. Then, he will not participate in the mass this Sunday, April 17, for the Easter holidays.

It was Omid Scobie, a journalist specializing in the English royal family, who announced the bad news. In fact, the latter shared the press release written by Buckingham Palace and which establishes that Queen Elizabeth II will be represented by others. people relatives : ” Buckingham Palace confirmed today that the Queen will not attend this year’s Easter Sunday church service in Windsor. This last minute announcement worries and sows even more doubts about the health of Queen Elizabeth II. What is happening to her Majesty?

The Covid-19 has weakened the mobility of Queen Elizabeth II

One thing is certain, the last few months have not been easy for Queen Elizabeth II. First, she lost her husband, Prince Philip, on April 9, 2021. Her great love story will have lasted almost 70 years. A teenage crush, fiery lyrics, and a marriage against her parents’ advice. We must not forget that Megxit also upset her, as she is very close to Harry. Then, last February, the 95-year-old sovereign contracted Covid-19. It is known that at this age the consequences of contracting the virus can be fatal. But, although everyone thought that she was unharmed, that was not the case. In fact, the grandmother of Harry and William began to have difficulty moving. Therefore, she uses a cane.

As a result of the illness, last March, Queen Elizabeth II attended the homage mass for her deceased husband, Prince Philip. She looked haggard and moved around holding Prince Andrew’s arm. Many crowned people were present for this event. Which was not the case for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Indeed, the couple who made the decision to leave the royal family no longer have their security service. So, if they step on English territory, their lives are in danger, because Megxit has caused a real scandal.

His son Charles takes over little by little

So when Queen Elizabeth II is away, the place passes to her son, Prince Charles. As a reminder, this is the Following heir to the throne. Then it will be Prince William’s turn. In early 2022, Queen Elizabeth II made a nice gesture to her eldest son. In fact, she gave her blessing to the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles, to become queen consort when Charles becomes king. It is a great honor, because a few years ago it was not a foregone conclusion. we’ll keep you in courant as soon as we have information about the health of Queen Elizabeth II. We hope that she can recover.

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