tired of “easy insult and permanent slander”, Thomas Sotto leaves Twitter

The France 2 journalist posted a message on the social network to denounce the offensive messages he regularly receives.

It is not the first and it will not be the last. Like many before him, Thomas down announced his decision to leave Twitter or at least take a break. In a message published this Sunday morning, the journalist and co-host of “Télématin” on France 2 deplored the atmosphere that reigns on the social network. “Because just saying ‘hello’ can cause a barrage of insults here. Because your kingdom has become, alas!, the kingdom of easy insults and permanent and tiring calumny, let’s take a break, you and me, Twitter. See you soon! (can be…)”he wrote, thus leaving himself the possibility, if one day the desire came to him, to return.

Thomas Sotto joined Twitter in March 2010 and since then the journalist has regularly published messages that deftly oscillate between news, diatribes and humor. Lately, thus revealed that he had to be absent for a few days from the morning program of La Deux after contracting Covid-19. Before the announcement of the death of Jean-Pierre PernautThomas Sotto was quick to express his sadness. “Television would not be the same without strong and prominent personalities like Jean-Pierre Pernaut. JPP is one of those who invented something”had published.

In mid-February, the journalist published a photo of him donating blood. “I don’t like to brag. Let alone put my head on social media. But this morning, in 20 minutes, I saved 3 lives! And at most to tell you that becoming a superhero doesn’t even hurt… The French blood establishment is really in trouble… so cheer up, donate your blood», wrote in the comments. An initiative acclaimed by Internet users.

Lifelong friends, Thomas Sotto and Nikos Aliagas engaged, for a time, in a “settling of accounts” by intervening publications.

Despite the good humor that reigns on his account, Thomas Sotto regularly receives abusive messages. Visibly tired, the journalist made a radical decision. The same as Karine Le Marchand four years ago.. “Twitter has become a dumping ground for hate that I no longer have the pleasure of communicating. The ultras of all stripes, insulting, capable of wanting the death of those who do not think like them (while raising the flag of tolerance), make this link impossible. I don’t want to become tasteless in my choice of words, I don’t want to narrow my thinking, change my mood, become politically correct and deny myself. I will not stop giving my opinion”had justified the driver of “Love is in the meadow” in M6.

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