Yann Barthès, Kev Adams, “The queens of shopping”… A look at the retro TV of the week

Attention spoilers… Here, we are talking about television. Of the reality show in JT’s 13 hours going through the regional thrillers of France 3, 20 minutes – and, above all, the incredible editorial team of the “Retro TV” section (composed of only one person) – scrutinizes everything that happens on the small screen. But yeah, you know, that box that comes to life that young people use to look at Youtube ! Every Saturday, therefore, it is here that you will find our favorites (or not), all the fresh information and indiscretions of the week. Come on, let’s take a look at the TV news?

week number

The weather is nice, it’s hot, spring has finally arrived in all of France, so we want to distribute good points to everyone. The big winner in this week’s ratings is… French fiction, hooray! From Monday to Friday, movies and TV series topped the bonus rankings. 4.3 million people per murders in paradise sure France 2 Monday, 3.9 million for Face to face sure France 3 Tuesday, 4.6 million for haunting disappearance on Wednesday France 2, 5.7 million for Balthazar Thursday in TF1 and finally 4.5 million for captain marleau Friday on France 2. There is something for everyone, it’s love, it’s great!

The sentence of the post

“From a journalistic point of view, it’s not the most exciting exercise.” This is what he confesses Lea Salame in the columns of Parisian with Gilles Bouleau on the debate between the two rounds that will take place next Wednesday on TF1 and France 2. Indicates the journalist from the public channel that Emmanuel Macron et Marina LePen he did not choose the cast of the duo that was going to interview them. “It makes me smile to hear, for a few days, that politicians would have chosen me because I would be kind or harmless. The truth is that they do not choose. But it is true that they have the possibility of challenging”, indicates Léa Salamé, giving the example of Anne-Claire Coudray five years ago, and of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor and Anne Sinclair in 1995.

The moment of zapping

Red nose, dyed hair, pants and shoes too big, Yann Barthes Have you found a new style of dress? Anyway, that was how his show started. Newspaper Wednesday night. No, it was not International Circus Day but a simple reaction to Marine Le Pen’s statements the day before. “There are no journalists in Newspaper. It is not an informative program, it is an entertainer. Sometimes very funny on the other hand, I do not say. It is an entertainment show,” said the presidential candidate at a press conference.

Inevitably, the program team CMT reacted from the beginning of the episode that followed this statement. “Good evening and welcome to the animators. You just have to see us, we are very funny. We are on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, here is the déglingos team of the day, ”replied the host before presenting the team disguised as him.

The infos « pop-corn »

The Tour de France of you go shopping will start soon. For the first time, the transmission of M6 It will be relocated as Cristina Cordula announced on her social networks. “And yes girls! We are going to tour the provinces. If you are from Toulouse, Rennes, Lille, Nantes, Nice, Cannes or Aix en Provence, sign up”, rejoiced the host.

more beautiful life Will it still be on the air at the start of the school year? A question for which we still do not have an answer ( although it does not smell very good for the fans) but that does not prevent the teams from offering a nice gift to the faithful spectators. This Tuesday began the filming of a new prime entitled meeting. Many inhabitants of the Mistral will be there, as well as some ghosts. In particular, we can rediscover Dounia Coesens (Johanna), Ambroise Michel (Rudy), Aurélie Vaneck (Ninon), and Coline D’Inca (Sybille).

We see him as a researcher in mask singer on TF1, we will soon discover him as an actor on the same channel. Kev Adams will start filming in Junecoming, a series in which the comedian will play Eliott, a 30-year-old who, as a result of a computer failure, will chat via email with… Himself, 10 years old. Will it change things in his life? Will he pay the consequences? It is Kev Adams who decides, since he also co-wrote the script.

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