you bought sauces in the supermarket, do not consume them, bring them urgently

In April, news sites are full of food product recall alerts. The best known is undoubtedly the case of Ferrero’s Kinder chocolate. Today, Silverswan brand soy sauce is being recalled. If you bought it in your favorite supermarket, do not consume it., you have to bring it urgently.

Recall alert throughout France

Recently the number of products pulled from shelves seems to have exploded. However, it is necessary to relativize the thing, because it is a current fact. In fact, there are some every day. Still, between March and April, many items were subject to mass recalls.

This is particularly the case with contaminated Kinder chocolates, Top Budget sugar boxes or even Buitoni brand frozen pizzas. And so many more… If these products were withdrawn, it was because they were considered dangerous or could be for the population.

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This danger is explained in particular by the presence of a certain component or bacteria capable of causing disease or poisoning. The most common is salmonella poisoning which can cause salmonellosis. In this sense, Europe has experienced 150 cases of salmonellosis after the Kinder case.

Silverswan soy sauce recalled

Stay tuned, because another product has been added to the already long list. This is Silverswan brand soy sauce. For good reason, the product is suspected of containing a 3 mcpd contaminant.

You may have bought some, because soy sauce was on sale throughout France between January 17 and January is March 2022. The food product was sold in one liter bottles. The Rappel Conso government site gave all the information to identify the famous sauce.

Barcode 79809001624 Lot 2022017483 shown on each bottle. So check your cabinets and shelves. You never know ! And don’t be fooled by the expiration date. Although it is marked as August 16, 2023, the sauce is simply not edible at the risk of getting sick.

Instead of taking that risk, the safest thing would be to destroy it or throw it away, taking care to empty the bottle. If it’s too much of a waste for you, return the product to the store, no matter how many. The supermarket will then proceed with the refund, even without a receipt.

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More than 300 reminders every month

Between March 2021 and March 2022, France has seen nearly 4,300 of its products recalled. This averages approximately 350 withdrawal cases per month. An incredible number considering that a month has only 30 days. Of course, these reminders have various reasons.

This can be due to poor labeling, the presence of pathogens (listeria, salmonella, etc.), or even hazardous materials (cobalt, glass, etc.). The massive ice cream recall across Europe since the fall of 2020, for example, was linked to the presence of ethylene oxide.

Track all product recalls

With hundreds of product recalls every day, it’s important to keep up with recalls. You can also have the list of recalled products by visiting the Rappel Conso government website. In fact, it is the most reliable source, because it comes from the Government. Therefore, you can find detailed information sheets on all products subject to recall on the site.

What are the risks involved?

It is obvious that recalled products will be banned. Therefore, they can no longer be consumed. As we said earlier, they are potentially dangerous, even fatal, in some cases. Most of the time, the risks involved come down to chemical poisoning, contracting diseases, or even ingesting sharp objects like glass.

In short, the risks are great. Therefore, vigilance is essential, because it is your health and that of your family that is at stake.

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