you bought sauces in the supermarket, do not consume!

Grocery stores are once again in crisis! We have had a large number of product recalls in recent weeks. There is one more to add to the list! This is a very popular sauce… Objeko’s staff tells you everything in this article.

Product Recall: Food Stores in Crisis

It’s not going well for stores. feeding French lately! Product recalls are incredibly recurring. Which casts great doubt on the reliability of the food industry. Objeko also returns to this point at the bottom of the page.

French supermarket chains are even more in the crosshairs of consumers, as the latest products called into question for a recall are among children’s favourites. Of course, we are thinking of Kinder chocolates, infected with listeriosis, or Buitoni pizzas infected with E.coli bacteria. These two products have contaminated many children, some of whom are in serious condition, hospitalized.

Objeko recently reported the case of little Léna, 12 years old, who was infected by a Buitoni pizza and who is today in a vegetative state. Let’s not forget the many batches of raw milk cheeses that supermarkets are constantly recalling. Worse yet, Intermarché stores were thrown into chaos with a massive recall of sugar cubes containing…glass! Imagine a little about the damage it can cause. There is something to fear…

Stores are recalling this contaminated soy sauce

And it’s a new food product added to the list of recalls. It is soy sauce of the Silver Swan brand, packaged in one-liter bottles. According to the government site The lots in question were marketed between January 17 and March 1, 2022 (GTIN 79809001624 Lot 2022017483).

Silver Swan soy sauce is sold primarily in Asian specialty stores. It is also often appreciated by food professionals such as sushi restaurants. stores recall soy sauce

This offensive sauce is contaminated with substance chemical 3-monochloropropanediol (3-MCPD). This, which forms naturally during the refining of products such as soybeans or certain oils, is dangerous for kidney health and fertility. This substance is even more dangerous in children and babies. If you purchased this batch of Silver Swan Soy Sauce, please bring it to the store ASAP for a refund, or throw it straight in the trash! Above all, do not consume it! In case of doubt, if you think you have consumed this soy sauce, do not hesitate to contact your doctor for more information on what to do.

Product recall: whose fault is it?

Few things damage the reputation of a supermarket brand like a product recall. In fact, it is a gap in the trust that a consumer has in the brand. Especially since the latter base all their communication on the quality of their products and their commitments to producers. So you can imagine a massive product recall casting doubt on their claims!

The reasons are very often the same. Most of the time, it’s a simple labeling issue: ingredient allergen absent in the list of ingredients, wrong marking of the expiration date…

More seriously, some product recalls are due to contamination during production: the presence of glass, metal, or plastic in the product, or infestation with microbes or viruses. In this second case, the consequences can be very serious for the health of a large number of consumers! Supermarket brands and manufacturers are doing their best to get the message across clearly and to as many people as possible. The Rappel Conso platform also aims to facilitate the exchange of information on a national scale.

There are times when product withdrawals increase: national holidays. periods hinges as the end of the year celebrations are full of reminders of all kinds. And the fault is not directly with the supermarkets, but with the producers. In fact, it is at the level of the manufacturing plants, or even on the farms, that the problems arise. With the Easter and Ramadan celebrations, caution is necessary…

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