Apple already plans the future of photography on its iPhone 15

news hardware Apple already plans the future of photography on its iPhone 15

While the new iPhone 14s are expected for the start of the 2022 school year, Apple is already working on the photographic part of its iPhone 15s, scheduled for 2023. We can expect a telephoto lens capable of seeing very far.


  • A great optical zoom in the iPhone 15?
  • A long process of creation
  • What is a periscopic telephoto lens?

Since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple has always integrated a telephoto lens on the back of its mobile terminals. At the time, this sensor mainly benefited portrait mode, but over time, the proposal has been expanded. Like many smartphone manufacturers, Apple does not hesitate to live up to certain characteristics of its devices, to stand out from the competition. And in the question of the telephoto lens, the Cupertino company lags behind: difficult for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and its x3 optical zoom to compete with the x10 optical zoom proposed on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultraor even with the digital zoom x100 of the same device.

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Apple already plans the future of photography on its iPhone 15

A great optical zoom in the iPhone 15?

The Korean site The Elec reports thatApple is currently in talks with vendor Jahwa Electronics for the latter to offer it a new photo module.with a view to equipping its terminals in 2023. Jahwa is not unknown in the sector: it is, surprisingly, Samsung’s supplier for the entire Galaxy S22 range.

Apple already plans the future of photography on its iPhone 15

Apple reportedly asked Jahwa Electronics to build new assembly lines at its factories. The US company is used to doing this with its partners, in particular to prevent information leaks (lost, obviously). The contract between Apple and Jahwa would amount to 191 billion won, or approximately 143 million euros. The site adds that “OIS sensors produced by the new assembly lines are probably intended for telephoto lenses” signature devices.

A long process of creation

Setting up the assembly lines for Apple should take many more months, allowing Jahwa Electronics to start supplying Apple. “from the second quarter of next year”. A timing that would correspond to when the iPhone 15 range would go into production.

This, therefore, seems to confirm that this association has nothing to do with the iPhone 14, terminals that we already know a lot about. We can also remember that from 2020, analyst Ming Chi Kuo predicted the arrival of a periscope telephoto lens in a next-generation iPhone : 2022 was mentioned at the time, but it probably won’t be for this year.

What is a periscopic telephoto lens?

The principle of a telescopic telephoto lens is similar to that of an underwater periscope. : Light enters the lens and a mirror arranged at a 90° angle is there to reflect it. It then reaches the sensor located above to take a photo. The particularity of the system is to be horizontalleaving you more room to work: the depth of the device no longer limits the installation of a large zoom.

Apple already plans the future of photography on its iPhone 15

This type of technology has already been used for several years by OPPO, Huawei and even Samsung: it’s nothing new but it could greatly improve Apple’s photographic proposal.

The horizon of 2023 already seems to appear for Apple and its iPhone 15, while the iPhone 14 is already on its way to being considered a generation of iOS terminals that is not very innovative compared to that of the iPhone 13. This may make fans of the brand want to wait another year before switching devices.

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