Audience: “The Big Mop” acclaimed, “Fantastic Beasts” stronger than “The Lion King”

Sunday night, France 2 is at the top of the audience with “La Grande vadrouille”, the cult film directed by Gérard Oury. The Bourvil duoFrom Funes It made 4.16 million people laugh on average, in audience according to Médiamétrie. Seen by 21.0% of viewers in front of their television, the classic of French cinema once again confirms its popularity among the French. The market share reaches 12.6% among women in charge of purchases under 50 years of age (FRDA-50).
During its previous broadcast in prime time, “La Grande vadrouille” gathered 4.26 million nostalgicor 22.9% of the public and a market share of x% of the commercial target.

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Fantastic beasts stronger than the Lion King

TF1 ranks second with the unpublished “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”, directed by David Yates. The spin-off of the “Harry Potter” saga, whose script is by JK Rowling , attracted 3.83 million magic lovers. The contrast between Johnny Depp et jewish law garners an audience share of 20.3% from people four years of age and older (4+). The chain leads the female commercial target with a market share of 33.7% among women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty.
After its theatrical release, the feature film recorded 4.04 million admissions in 2018 according to Allocine.
In 2020, the first part of “Fantastic Animals” seduced 5.46 million Harry Potter fans (24.8% 4+ / 38.3% FRDA-50).

M6 continues with the new animated film “The Lion King”, directed by Jon Favreau. The Disney classic, revisited in a spectacular way, amazed 3.12 million children and adults, which represents an audience share of 16.0% of the total public. Simba has a 26.6% market share of female purchasing managers under the age of fifty.
In theaters in 2019, the technical prowess in making animated characters realistic had been appreciated by 9.75 million moviegoers.

France 3 is behind with an unreleased series from New Zealand, “Brokenwood”. The penultimate episode of season 7, titled “Under the Spotlight”, managed to have 2.01 million followers. The market share is 9.9% in the four years and over (2.1% in the FRDA-50).
Last week, ahead of election night, the series attracted 1.91 million viewers (8.6% 4+). In normal configuration it was 2.42 million the previous week (10.8% 4+ / 3.5% FRDA-50).

As for the rest of the channels, none exceeds one million. Art featured a classic western “Nevada Smith” directed by Henry Hathaway. Steve McQueen conquered more than 762,000 moviegoers, which represents 3.9% of the public.

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