Aurélie Dotremont cries after her ovary operation: bad news and new fight

it’s a new fightaurelie dotremont you must drive and unfortunately it seems long. Sunday, April 17, 2022, the former candidate of the angels (NRJ12) gave his news after his ovary surgery, to get pregnant. And she was not happy.

Let us remember that on April 15, the beautiful 31-year-old blonde revealed to her community that she was in the hospital for “small holes in the ovariesShe probably underwent ovarian drilling, offered to women with polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal disorder that can have consequences on fertility. This can help kick-start ovulation, and studies show that a spontaneous pregnancy occurs half the time in the year following pregnancy. So Aurélie Dotremont and her partner Dylan were full of hope. Unfortunately, the news that was announced the day after the intervention was not good news.

she revealed thatdue to a past infection that she did not know existed, her fallopian tubes deteriorated. “So I would never be able to have a child naturally because the fallopian tubes will close. we are upset, we cry a lot“, Internet users could read. And on Sunday, it is the marked face and “swollen all overthat Aurélie Dotremont appeared on social networks.My eyes are popping out. I think she had never cried so much. I cried again when I woke up. But we have to move on, that’s right. There will be solutions and I will fight. I will do everything to make it work., there is no reason why it can’t work for me. Come what may, I would have my baby. It may take longer, the process may be different, but it will be my baby“, he confided. Among the proposed solutions, the VIF (In Vitro Fertilization) she said.

last night was difficult

Still, she’s not 100% sure she and Dylan will ever have a baby together. A detail that he distorts her while she dreams of being a mother. Therefore, the reaction is difficult for Aurélie Dotremont who, moreover, suffers after her operation. She filmed her belly, an opportunity to see two bandages placed around her ovaries and another one at her navel. “To tell you about the operation you see, it’s still swollen and my navel hurts a lot. And I have pain in the lower part of my stomach. but I am not yet indisposed. I have My breasts are a little sore and I am starting to have pain in my upper back.. It seems to be due to anesthesia. Last night was complicated, I really had pain“, he explained. Even so, he assured that it is still bearable, although to top it off, his Binge make her suffer more.

Aurélie Dotremont is still trying to focus on the positive to keep her head above water. She can count on her companion, but also on her relatives and her subscribers to support her in this ordeal.

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