Between teleworking and “flex office”, Deloitte abandons a new building in the City of London

Economies of scale while adapting to new ways of working – this has been Deloitte’s strategy in the UK since the Covid-19 pandemic. According to information from financial timesThe auditing and consulting giant will vacate Hill House, one of the buildings on its campus in New Street Square, in the City of London, in May.

Hill House represents more than 17,000 square meters of office space, bringing to 23,000 square meters the area that the company sold in London in one year. After the first lockdowns, Deloitte had not reopened one of its four offices in New Street Square, and also closed a “digital hub”. In total, the firm sells a third of its offices in the capital. Deloitte has extended the leases of the two largest buildings on its campus until 2036, leaving it with 45,000 square meters on the site where the company has been established since 2007.

These great maneuvers will not have an impact on employment, indicates a source from the Financial times. In fact, the employees who work in the abandoned buildings have been or will be moved to the remaining offices. On the other hand, Deloitte had already decided, in 2020, to close offices in Gatwick, Liverpool, Nottingham and Southampton, giving the 500 affected employees the possibility of keeping their jobs if they worked full time from home.

New management methods

To avoid congestion in its City premises, the multinational with 345,000 employees in 150 countries is committed to hybrid work and the “flex office”, which means that there are more employees than individual offices available. This strategy goes hand in hand with the generalization of teleworking, while an internal survey revealed that the majority of the workforce did not want to go to the office more than two days a week. In 2021, the company asked employees to decide for themselves how often they want to work from home.

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Along with changes in post-Covid ways of working comes the opportunity for Deloitte to save money, especially as the industry faces higher costs to comply with environmental regulations. “We constantly review our office space needs to reflect changes in the way we work and our sustainability goals”says Stephen Griggs, managing partner of Deloitte in the UK.

The group is characterized by exploring new management methods, both for itself and for the companies it advises. In 2016, the new headquarters of its French subsidiary had five types of “flexible” work organization tested by a thousand of its employees, starting with shared offices, already proposed at the time by “improve the eficiency”.

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