Brigitte Fontaine draws her irreverence at the Printemps de Bourges

published on Monday, April 18, 2022 at 9:00 p.m.

Béatrice Dalle, Jarvis Cocker or even Arthur H: this is the royal cast of the Printemps de Bourges for the farewell to the stage of Brigitte Fontaine, 82, an intractable singer, between poetry and sweet madness.

Obviously, “la Reine des Kékés”, a nickname inherited from her album “Kékéland”, does not do what was agreed to evoke this show, scheduled for Wednesday. The telephone interview with AFP is like her, apart.

When we say the words “goodbye to the scene”, the défouraille singer-songwriter: “It’s absolutely stupid, I never said that, nor the opposite either. All that is a fabric of lies, + goodbye to the scene +, it’s ridiculous “. “Like saying I’m a great artist, it’s completely ridiculous, I’m a poetic + modern + thriller.” A “modern poetic thriller”, therefore.

Another flash when we talk to him about certain guests for his evening, such as the musician Rebeka Warrior or the actress Anna Mouglalis: “They say that I have chosen people that I like a lot, but I don’t know them, that’s right.” begins and how it ends, I don’t know if this evening will be for me, will be the others”.

– “Shitty night” –

“Brigitte, we are passionate liars, we will do what you want,” Boris Vedel, director of Printemps, amused himself with AFP. She wanted to call this evening + Closing Night + (closing night) but now she wants + Fucking Night + “.

Insisting, the singer stops at the guests she appreciates. “Béatrice Dalle, we are like friends, she almost acted in a play that I had written but it didn’t happen.” “Philippe Katerine, oh yes, I like him a lot, as well as Arthur H.” “Jarvis Cocker (ex-leader of Pulp), I loved him very much, he will surely participate in my next album, as will Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth, his group, was already present at + Kékéland +, he will not be at Bourges)” .

Because the adventure continues on disc, although health failures take her away from the scene.

What slips in passing, questioned about her memories of Printemps, where she performed in 1978.

“I really have no memories. I don’t see the future, I’m too myopic. The present: I have a lot of pain everywhere, the vertebrae, the diaphragm, the gums, the teeth, the feet, but the state of health is not very interesting” .

Before ending the conversation (“you’ll see how the evening will be if you come, I never know”), he pays her one last compliment. “Kervern and Delépine are not boring in their work, I like them a lot, they are nice”.

– “A revolt” –

“Ah, I thought I was going to say + I hate them + (laughs), I’m glad I escaped their wrath,” Gustave Kervern told AFP.

With his accomplice director Benoît Delépine, he will reinterpret one of his songs “C’est normal” on stage.

“There is always substance, social, a revolt, in this song there is a fire in a building occupied by undocumented immigrants,” Benoît Delépine completes for AFP.

Kervern and Delépine spun it in their film “Le grand soir”. “We filmed her on video surveillance crossing a hypermarket parking lot with a cheese cart, cursing and driving away people who were hallucinating,” recalls Delépine. “He wanted to wear his leather helmet that he wears whenever he’s south of the Loire (laughs).”

“She represents poetry, the absolutely unpredictable. She has a way of playing with words, of seizing them, that only belongs to her”, Delépine underlines again.

“We want to pay a lot of tribute to him, through his personality and his work, he is a treasure of this country,” Kervern develops. His speech is free when everyone practices the language of wood. She is unique, we can expect everything, even that she is not in Bourges (laughs) “.

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