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Discover the detailed summary of Here everything begins season 2 in advance with episode 384 broadcast on Friday, April 22, 2022 on TF1. Axel lets Jasmine get a room for the prom. Jasmine gives Axel a kiss on the spur of the moment. Greg and Eliott manage to talk to each other… #greliott back! Constance feels bad, she is oppressed in her daily life.

The complete summary of the ITC soap opera from the episode of 04/22/2022 with spoilers #HereEverythingBegins in advance, everything you need to know.

Constancy here everything begins

Constanza tells her friend Clotilde about her feelings at the moment

Find the full summary ofIt all begins here episode 384 broadcast on TF1 on Friday 22 April 2022 (see summaries before It all starts here ): the summary of the previous episode Here everything starts from 04/21/2022 It is online.

Célia tries to fix things between Greg and Eliott: she wants them to be able to talk to each other because it is very difficult to work in this dirty environment.
Eliott arranges to meet at the swing set in the park…if he doesn’t come, that means it’s over between them.
Greg joins Elliott for a chat. Eliott explains that he talked to Hortense because he is still afraid of losing him over this. Greg says that he can mess it up if he doesn’t talk to her. Elliott promises that he’s not faking it while he’s in her arms. He really loves her. Greg and Elliott kiss: he is going back to the roommate.

Charlène doesn’t want to go to school anymore… if she doesn’t graduate by the end of the year. Charlène asks her father if she couldn’t lift her action.
Charlène thinks it’s unfair… Constance agrees with Emmanuel, she must accept the mistakes of her actions.

Constance tells Emmanuel that she’s tired of hearing the early-morning whining…she says she doesn’t have any crying office written. Teyssier tells her wife that he likes to see her upset.
Emmanuel realizes that Constance is having a hard time accepting the idea of ​​Theo leaving the family cocoon. Constance talks about what’s on her mind… but Emmanuel has to go to work.

Greg here it all begins

Greg and Elliott reconcile after an explanation

Eliott and Célia discover dozens of chocolate wrapping papers under Hortense’s bed.
A little later, during Claire Guinot’s lesson… Hortense is about to pass out… but she persists, she wants to finish her meal.
Ambre and Lionel are not motivated to make efforts to integrate Axel during the prom. Kelly supports Jasmine at night.

Jasmine here everything begins

Jasmine kisses Axel

Landiras goes to the infirmary to see Constanza because she has a severe headache. Constance says that she is not a painkiller distributor… he promises to stop by the pharmacy to bother her. constance is nervous

Gaetan here it all begins

Gaetan puts the ideas in Tom’s place

Jasmine tells Axel that she is upset, she had found a room for the dance. But it is super expensive. Axel thinks we really need to negotiate, he offers Jasmine to call the owner. Axel asks for a 50% discount… saying that he plans to do several afternoons with the Auguste Armand Institute. The owner agrees. Jasmine tells Axel that he’s amazing… and she hits him.

Kelly tells Tom that he is obsessed with Hortense. Gaetan overhears the conversation… and goes after Tom. Gaetan threatens Tom, tells him that this is the last time he sends this type of video… he calls it c**.

Constancy here everything begins

Constance tries to talk to Emmanuel about her discomfort.

Clotilde brings Constanza a small gift from Sicily. Constanza gets excited… Clotilde realizes that she is nervous. Constance admits that she feels downtrodden. Constance feels that she no longer shares anything with her children except her problems. Constance feels like a piece of furniture: she is very convenient, very helpful.

Constanza says that Emmanuel does not see anything, he is obsessed with the institute. She thinks that deep down Emmanuel really doesn’t want to hear it.

Here everything starts early episode 384 of April 22, 2022: Jasmine kisses Axel

Hortense chocolates discovered by Eliott and Célia

Hortense snubs Greg and Eliott… they go to see her and Hortense freaks out. Hortense tells Eliott that she doesn’t know everything.

Charlene tells Axel to be careful with Jasmine… she’s going to fall in love. Axel says that Jasmine is a friend. Axel tells her about the kiss… Axel explains to Charlène that Jasmine is adorable but not her style. Charlene thinks Axel needs to talk to her before making movies.

Claire discovers that Hortense has cooked some dishes but the pans are empty…she says it was a mess and throws them away. Claire doesn’t see anything in the trash, she thinks she ate them. Claire wants to help her but Hortense stays closed, she says that she has no problem.
Hortense is back in her room, she makes herself vomit.

Of course everything starts here

Claire tries to help Hortense but she wants nothing to do with it.

Highlights Here it all starts from Friday, April 22, 2022: what to remember

– Axel is not in love with Jasmine
– Claire understood Hortense’s problem
– Greg and Elliott reconcile
– Constanza is fed up with her life, she confides in Clotilde
– Gaetan puts Tom back in his place regarding Hortense sending videos

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