FED (M) | Spain takes revenge on France

A French team at half-time lost to Spain in Chambéry tonight (31:32), in the last of the two friendly matches between the two teams.

If the France team had shone Thursday night in Paris against Spain, it showed a much less serene face tonight in Chambéry. Struggling to manage the opponent’s game of seven, in great offensive difficulty in the first thirty minutes, the Blues made something of a copy, whose disastrous start was well outweighed by a second half of much better quality. Because if Guillaume Gille’s men have counted up to eight goals behind at one point, they changed facing half-time only to die after a while. “It’s a bit of the reality of this team, with all its talent but also with its difficulties in making the right decisions at times when we have less confidence” the coach pointed out.

Whoever wanted to rotate their squad will be at their expense. And yet, he tried it in the first half, when his managers returned the balls to the Spaniards, but no one ever found a solution. Nine bullet losses, and as many Iberian counterattacks to plant banderilla after banderilla in the blue bull. So much so that the Phare de Chambéry was almost silent. At the break, six goals behind (13:19), the Blues put things in order. Better placed in defense, but above all cleaner in attack on the return to the field, they were able to compensate for the delay. “This group, as soon as things go wrong, they tend to panic and tonight we wanted to not panic, not lose our media and not get stressed. We did well, it wasn’t worth it but we fought a lot.” Nikola Karabatic explained.

Directed by a Dika Mem who won the match alone, the tricolors recovered their offensive precision, where they had wasted nine balls in the first half. Kentin Mahé even had the equalizer, but Sergey Hernández, the Spanish goalkeeper, intervened before the Dujshebaev brothers sealed the deal with impeccable kung fu. The balance of the week, the last of the French team this season, comes out a bit clouded by these bad first thirty minutes. But the other three periods will have been of equally good quality, as the coach wanted to point out by way of conclusion: “We are capable of getting into difficulties, of losing the thread of our game a bit. There is still work to be done, but the results are positive.”

The stats:

France – Spain 31-32 (13-19)
Chambery, Le Phare, 5,000 spectators
Referees: C. Bonaventura, J. Bonaventura (FRA)

France :
Coach: Guillaume Gille
Goalkeepers: Gérard (8 saves / 30 shots), Desbonnet (2 saves / 11 shots); Y. Lenne, Minne (1/2), Lagarde, M. Richardson (1/1), Mem (5/8), Tournat (1/1), N. Karabatic (1/4), Mahé (4/6 including 2/2 feather), N’Guessan (3/6), Fabregas (2/2), Descat (7/9 including 6/7 feather), Porte, Kounkoud (2/3), Nahi (4/7 including 1/1 feather), Konan, Briet

Temporary exclusions: N. Karabatic (36′), Konan (51′)

Entrainer: Jordi Ribera Guardians: Corrales (0 arret / 6 tirs dont 0/6 pén), Hernandez (9 arrêts / 33 tirs dont 1/4 pén); Gurbindo (2/3), Pecina (1/1), A.Dujshebaev (2/4), Sole (4/4), Figueras (1/2), Garciandia (3/5), Serdio (2/2) , Garcia (0/2), Arino (2/4), G.Guardiola (4/5), Valera (2/3), Izquierdo (1/1), Marquez (1/1), D. Dujshebaev (3 /6), Serrano (1/1), Fernandez (3/3)

Temporary exclusions: Serdio (16′), A. Dujshebaev (42′)

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