her daughter Maggy, at worst, still battered by the disease

Between Alizée and germs, the fabric burns ! For a few weeks, the singer has lost control. SOS Princess Maggy in danger !

Alizee, crazy with worry!

The countdown has begun. Inside some days, Alizée will celebrate the 17 springs of her eldest son. the less thanObjeko I can say exactly in this period that he knew the glory. When she signed up for the casting of star seeds, she did not expect the mysterious Mylène Farmer to see her. Nearly two decades after the fact, this collaboration still makes fans’ eyes twinkle.

In fact, when the singer decides to cut off the microphone and start a career as a dancer, nobody can believe it. Certainly, thanks to her new love Grégoire of hers, she tasted this type of adrenaline. Unable to do without each other, Maggy arrives shortly after to formalize their romance. Almost a year ago, this marriage made headlines. Unfortunately, they still don’t know that these tests would upset her precious balance.

2022, a difficult year for Alizée

Dear reader ofObjeko, if you haven’t had the opportunity to see Alizée with Grégoire Lyonnet, we offer you a catch-up session. It seems almost obvious that these two vivid a fairytale. Ah yes the walls of the study dance with the stars they could talk, they would say things about it. Still, little Maggy only reinforces her feelings. she is so cute. Lolita singer’s fans are under her spell. But behind the scenes, nothing is going right. Due to the pandemic, the imposed closure of the school puts water in the gas. Forced to live four of the copyright of the tubes, it is not easy to make ends meet. And it is the fragile health of the youngest that will fix things!

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At the beginning of the year, Alizée posts a message imposing on social networks Like other stars, he decides to put his cards on the table with his subscribers. If ever the Omicron variant invites itself into her family, she will say so openly. What she hadn’t anticipated was that she would be sick at the same time as her two year old princess. Forced to isolate themselves, the mother/daughter duo will try not to panic. Luckily Grégoire already had it! At least he can return the favor and take care of the women in her life.

Argh… there is no calm on the horizon!

Parents often say that in April we should not uncover ourselves by a thread. Barely recovered from coronavirusAlizee is an exception. He wants to take advantage of the end of the health protocol a little more. As she resides on the island of Beauty, the slightest appearance of the sun is an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air. This time, knowing that you are immune to this umpteenth variant, she will be outdoors without a mask. However, Maggy was not covered enough. During her first months with us, her mother tried hard to hide her face. Coming completely apart in front of her angelic face, the moment is too precious not to be shared with her admirers. Unfortunately, as always, the devil is never far away. He is going to play a trick on them. When will he leave them alone? The mystery remains!

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) alizeeofficiel

These last hours, Alizée has the moral in the stockings. As proof, this publication of his Instagram story cannot leave anyone indifferent. The germs haven’t finished invading little Maggy’s immune system. She chains them at the speed of light. ” After Covid, bronchitis, otitis, hello flu“. It’s simple, we’ve never seen that!

Let’s cross our fingers that this is the last pathology before the May bridges and the holidays. And later, What We told you in the introduction, it’s Annily’s birthday. As we can expect from the publication, without her little sister, she would not have the same taste. More than ever, Objeko I wish him a good recovery and tell you more in the next issue!

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