In Belgium, Ferrero under pressure after the detection of salmonella in its Kinder factory

The phone no longer answers at the Ferrero headquarters in Belgium. L’entreprise fait l’objet, after Monday 11 April, d’une information judiciaire du parquet de la province de Luxembourg à la suite du scandale des contaminations de produits chocolatés à la salmonelle dans son usine d’Arlon, dans le sud-est From the country. More than 150 cases of salmonellosis, including 29 in Belgium, have been identified worldwide among people who have consumed Belgian-made Kinder.

Has Ferrero done everything possible to avoid contamination? Did you scrupulously follow the rules? The situation is of particular concern to Test-Achats, the main Belgian consumer association: “The responsibility for the control of the productive chain falls mainly on the company, recalls Julie Frère, their spokesperson. In this case, something went wrong. There was culpable negligence on the part of Ferrero. »

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The case officially begins on March 31, when UK health authorities contact their Belgian counterparts. “They had highlighted a link between the consumption of Ferrero products from the Arlon factory and cases of salmonellosis”, details Aline Van den Broeck, spokesperson for the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (AFSCA). oneit is April, FASFC teams visit the factory to carry out controls. Three days later, it was decided to recall batches of items, targeted according to their expiration and manufacturing dates. “Normally it was up to Ferrero to do that recall, but they didn’t, so we took the initiative.” deplores mI Van den Broek.

During this first week of April, there was a lack of trust between the Italian company and the health agency, which was struggling to obtain accurate and reliable information. On April 8, the FASFC withdraws the production authorization for the Belgian factory, which must temporarily close its doors, and imposes the withdrawal of all products from the Kinder range manufactured in Arlon, mainly Kinder Surprise and Kinder Schoko-Good.

Faced with an unprecedented crisis, Ferrero takes refuge and responds drop by drop to requests – those of the world went unanswered. The company, which recognizes “internal flaws”, he said the presence of salmonella had already been noted on December 15. These bacteria had been detected in one or two of the filters placed at the outlet of the raw material tanks, most likely in those for the butter used in the production of chocolate eggs. Sources familiar with the matter refer to a “Very late communication from Ferrero within the company itself, with the factory employees who find out about the contamination from the press.”

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