Israeli government in trouble after new violence in Jerusalem

Israeli police are deployed in the Old City of Jerusalem, on Sunday, April 17, 2022.

The Israeli government of Naftali Bennett is weakening further. The United Arab List (LAU), a small conservative Islamic party Directed by Mansour Abbasannounced that she “Gelait” their participation in the coalition, on Sunday evening, April 17. She is protesting against the ongoing police crackdown on Al-Aqsa, Islam’s third holiest site, the end of which no one can guess.

The gesture of defiance of these four parliamentarians (out of 120) does not threaten to immediately topple the coalition, in power since June 2021. Parliament is suspended until May 8. This gives LAU time to negotiate your return. However, this Arab party, the first to take part in power in Israel’s history, poses an unprecedented dilemma. If the split persists, the opposition would have a majority of 64 seats, enough to dissolve parliament and call the fifth election in three years.

On Sunday night, it was the members of the religious council that oversees the LAU who fired this warning shot. These dignitaries wish to show their followers that they retain their influence. They were talking like Al-Aqsa Mosque had been transformed into a real fort, in the morningby a group of Palestinians who wanted to defend the holy sites against Jewish extremists.

Barricaded inside the building, they fired firecrackers at the surrounding Israeli police at regular intervals for several hours. These projectiles produced small clouds of smoke, colored sparks around the policemen who wanted to be unperturbed. Some aimed their weapons at the broken windows, hoping that one of the besieged would poke his head out. But they weren’t attacking.

“We didn’t have time to pray”

If the police were deployed in this way on the esplanade of the Mosques, it was to let tourists and faithful Jews pass, visiting what for them is the Temple Mount, after the closure of the Easter weekend. In recent years, these activists have broken the prevailing status quo, which allows Jews to visit the mountain, but not to pray there. Escorted and protected by the police, they pray every day in normal times and study for a long time near the Golden Gate. It is a challenge to leading Jewish religious authorities, who ban his highly flammable devotions.

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According to the police, the besieged Palestinians tried to block, at dawn, the passage of these visitors to the door of the Maghreb, on which a dilapidated wooden bridge emerges that crosses the Wailing Wall, a vestige of the second Temple. To allow them to come, he pushed, sometimes violently, the Muslim worshipers from the esplanade. It also temporarily prohibited those in the Old City from entering the holy places, through two main gates. He eventually cut off the mosque’s loudspeakers, after the besieged called on worshipers to join them.

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