Kev Adams in a relationship with Diane Leyre? The comedian returns to the rumors of his relationship with Miss France 2022

Invited to the set of TF1 to participate in the program 50 minutes inside this Saturday, April 16, the comedian Kev Adams resumed the rumors of his relationship with Miss France 2022, Diane Leyre.

Where is Kev Adams on the sentimental side? This is the question that Nikos Aliagas tried to answer this Saturday, April 16, on the set of 50 minutes inside. The comedian, who is currently playing the third season of Mask Singer and writing his new show at the same time, remains very coy about his romantic relationships. As a consequence of this, rumors abound trying to find out who he shares his life with.

It must be said that in 2017 many rumors were already circulating about a possible romance between him and former Miss World, Iris Mittenaere. As he swept them away, a few months later, Kev Adams had formalized this relationship. But always being very discreet about his life as a couple. While the two former lovebirds have gone their separate ways since thenFans of the comedian want to know if he has found his shoe.

Kev Adams: “I’m not going to get mad!”

Thus, in 50 minutes inside, Nikos Aliagas and his teams reviewed the best moments of Kev Adams’ career. But also and above all, the driver questioned his guest to find out a little more about his private life. And in particular the latest rumors, which place him in a relationship with… the current Miss France: Diane Leyre. Here is his answer: “You have to downplay everything. I think it’s important. Ten or fifteen years ago, I would have said to myself, ‘wow, that’s a lie.’ Today, I don’t care, it’s funny. They’re saying I’m going out with a super pretty girl, I’m not going to get angry. On the contrary, I think it’s cool. “ So no, Kev Adams and Diane Leyre are not together at all.. Unless the comedian once again hides his game well…

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