Married at first sight – Caroline pushes Axel roughly on their first wedding night and shocks netizens


In “Married at First Sight”, Caroline roughly pushed Axel shortly after their wedding. (screenshot M6)

This Monday, April 18, M6 is broadcasting the fourth episode of the sixth season of “Married at First Sight”. Thousands of singles have decided to trust science and only 14 have been selected to try this extraordinary experience. After a break last week, the adventure continues tonight for Caroline. Criticized candidate for this season, the young, vegan, fervent lover of nature and animals, married Axel, 30 years old, her suitor who fell completely under her spell. On the first wedding night in Gibraltar, Caroline roughly pushed Axel, shocking Internet users.

“I have a boring vegan ecolabel.” Caroline warned viewers from the beginning of this new season of the show. The 29-year-old candidate, very demanding, aware that all her character, without compromises or concessions, prevents her from finding love, she decided to try the experiment”.Married at first sight”. Living in the mountains with her 18 dogs, this young mother wouldn’t trade her lifestyle for the world. It is in this context that the experts of the show have achieved the feat of finding an 80% compatibility with Axel. The young, adventurous and ecological at heart wants to find someone who shares his convictions. The wedding ceremony (and therefore the first meeting) in Gibraltar was promising! In fact, in the previous episode, this meeting was one of the most awkward moments of this new season. If Axel literally fell in love with Caroline as soon as he met her gaze, on her part, this crush did not seem reciprocal. Axel’s height seems to represent an obstacle for the candidate. Tonight, viewers were able to attend the first wedding night of the young spouses. And the discomfort continued.

“But who do you think you are?”

“At that time, I didn’t have physical love at first sight. I like very tall men: he’s small, so it’s true that his height blocks me a bit. It’s not really my style (…) 80% They are clearly not physically, but that means they are surely somewhere else, “explains Caroline after her marriage to Axel. Despite everything, the first moments shared in the car after the ceremony created more distance between the two protagonists. Axel says that he bought their dogs, which deeply repels the young woman, in favor of adoption. Later, the director of the project says that he loves industrial chocolate powder. New moment of embarrassment for Caroline. Despite Axel’s best efforts to break the ice, he is still stuck. “We need to talk,” Caroline launches. Arriving at her hotel room, the young bride tearfully explains that she is tired , who does not want to spend the night in the same bed as Axel, or even talk to him anymore This attitude of the young woman towards her husband aroused great misunderstanding on the part of the tweets.

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