OurFamily VC 6 cordless upright vacuum cleaner review: Kärcher rhymes austerity with efficiency

Editor rating: 4 out of 5

convenience of use

The Kärcher VC6 OurFamily is thus a stick vacuum cleaner in stick format. This means that the manufacturer has placed the heavy elements like the motor, the waste container and the filtration system close to the user’s wrist. Therefore, it is easier to manipulate the device in all directions, with the suction tube attached or not, to dust hard-to-reach places, such as around ceiling lamps or the upper corners of rooms. .

In general, Guillaume drives Leica and not Kärcher...

In general, Guillaume drives Leica and not Kärcher…

Aesthetically speaking, the VC6 OurFamily can hardly deny its “Kärcherien” heritage. The yellow and black trim is part of it and only the brushed metal suction tube is not painted in the manufacturer’s colors. More importantly, everything seems to be up to German quality standards as well. The plastics feel strong and ready to withstand long hours of cleaning. The mechanisms that hold the different parts together work well and are just as easy to put together as they are to take apart.

With a weight of 1.59 kg in handheld vacuum mode, the Kärcher VC6 is in line with the average of the other models in our comparison. Equipped with the tube and the suction head, it reaches 2.61 kg but the vast majority of its weight is supported by the ground. Therefore, it does not weigh too much on the arm, even during long cleaning sessions.

The VC6 suction head and its diodes.

The VC6 suction head and its diodes.

An element that makes it even easier to use, the suction head of the Kärcher VC6 is very flexible. Result, it turns with ease and if we skid on very few occasions it was in very abrupt and very closed changes of direction. Another satisfaction, it houses an LED ramp on the front that illuminates under furniture, but also on dark floors. In this way, it detects the smallest dirt on the floor at a glance.

As a stick vacuum, the OurFamily VC6 uses a trigger to start vacuuming. It is enough to maintain the pressure so that the machine continues to work, a highly acclaimed method in the rest of the devices in our comparison. It allows you to gain a little autonomy since the motor (and therefore the battery) is no longer used when you release the handle to move a piece of furniture or a trinket during cleaning.

Latch locks trigger for continuous vacuuming.

Latch locks trigger for continuous vacuuming.

On the other hand, this mode of operation tends to tire the wrist as it must be kept closed or the vacuum will stop. To prevent painful tension, Kärcher has provided a small latch near the trigger to lock it. Its operation is very simple and it is very easy to change from fractional suction to continuous suction with a simple movement of the thumb. The only other control button, located on the back of the VC6, allows you to activate boost mode. In short, you master everything very quickly.

Houston, we have a problem...

Houston, we have a problem…

Kärcher did not find it useful to provide a precise indication of the remaining range. It is therefore necessary to make do with a trio of diodes, very little useful for planning your cleaning session. On the other hand, there is a summarized diagnostic system consisting of three LEDs again. In the event of an incident, they light up red and indicate where the problem is (in the engine block, in the intake pipe or in the cylinder head) thanks to a VC6 diagram placed nearby. None of this is revolutionary, but we still appreciate your presence.

Kärcher offers very few accessories.

Kärcher offers very few accessories.

We have known more generous than Kärcher for accessories. In addition to the VC6 itself, the box contains a crevice tool, a textile brush, and that’s about it. A mini electric brush to vacuum armchairs or sofas would not have hurt.

Editor rating: 5 out of 5


The Kärcher VC6 OurFamily works very well on all types of soil.

Even on our shag carpet, which is often a hassle to clean, it harvests 97% of the rice in 2 minutes of vacuuming in normal mode and 99% in boost mode. It is therefore one of the most effective broom vacuum cleaners on this surface.

On fine carpet, the rotating brush tends to push the rice backwards, which explains why on this type of floor (in normal mode or boost mode) it picks up “only” 98% of the rice in 30 seconds and that you have to vacuum for 60 seconds for a perfect result.

Finally, on hard ground, the Kärcher VC6 OurFamily leaves immaculate ground in 30 seconds in boost mode but, again due to the brush, it only collects 98% of the debris in 30 seconds in normal mode.

Editor rating: 4 out of 5


The emptying of the collector of the VC6 OurFamily is not original since it is necessary to press a button placed on the wall of the collector. This releases the hinged bottom and allows the dust to fall into the bin. Less innovative than the system. Dyson point and shootthis method still avoids having dust on your hands during the process.

We had bad memories of the cyclonic leak of the VC 5 Wireless Premium. The VC6 OurFamily one is much more efficient although it is not perfect. In fact, after having swallowed 20 grams of cocoa powder with a vacuum cleaner, we weighed the foam filter and the HEPA filter with a precision balance. If the second did not gain weight, the first weighed 0.092 g. This amount may seem insignificant, but it means that the foam filter will need to be maintained regularly so that it does not become clogged with fine dust. By blocking the pores, the suction capacity of the VC6 would be greatly reduced.

The Kärcher VC6 disassembled.

The Kärcher VC6 disassembled.

Fortunately, it is very easy to remove it from the main body by pulling it under the manifold. You don’t even need to unmount the device for this. This is also the case for cleaning the HEPA filter, placed in the piece magnetically attached to the back of the device that also serves as a button to activate boost mode. The waste container cannot be separated from the rest of the VC6 but it is still possible to remove the part that creates the cyclone in the collector for cleaning.

Impossible to disassemble the suction head to access the brush without tools.

Impossible to disassemble the suction head to access the brush without tools.

To remove the brush from the vacuum head, you need to unlock a latch and it is impossible to touch it without a tool, such as a coin or spoon handle. We have known much more practice. In addition, the part that holds everything in place is not attached to the head and therefore it is also necessary to be careful not to lose it when removing long or tangled hair.

Editor Rating: 3 out of 5


When the VC6 OurFamily is used at normal power, it can last for 50min 45s without stopping, making it one of the longest lasting models in this configuration.

Of course, it is less durable when you activate turbo mode, as it runs out after only 12 min 10 sec. However, we have seen many other broom vacuum cleaners whose autonomy in turbo mode was shorter.

The storage base is also used for charging.

The storage base is also used for charging.

The VC6’s batteries take more than three hours (exactly 195 minutes) to fully charge. Good point, the wall mount used for storage is equipped with electrical connectors. Simply lower the stick vacuum to start the operation. Which does not spoil anything, the least handy among us will be happy to know that it is not necessary to fix the base to proceed with the recharge. In fact, the plug to be connected to the transformer is placed on the removable battery. So we can just plug in the VC6 or just its battery to restore its power. A real plus, very practical!

You can leave the battery in its slot or take it out to recharge.

You can leave the battery in its slot or take it out to recharge.

point strengths

  • Good suction performance on all types of floors.

  • Continuous or fractional suction option.

  • Ease of maintenance.

  • Noise level contained.

Weak points

  • Inaccurate autonomy indicators.

  • Few accessories provided.


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Editor rating: 4 out of 5

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By relying on well-known technologies, Kärcher ensures that its VC6 stick vacuum cleaner does not suffer from any major design flaws. It is true that the indicator of remaining battery life is reduced to its simplest expression and that some competitive stick vacuums are more attractive thanks to their additional functions or a broader set of accessories. The VC6 still benefits from some welcome additions (the suction mode selector, in particular), but it is above all its effectiveness on all types of floors that argues heavily in its favour.

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