Prince William unrecognizable with a beard: these unexpected photos of the very sexy Duke of Cambridge

Photos of Prince William from 2008 have surfaced. Fans of the royal family especially loved his disheveled appearance.

For years, we have all known Prince William. with his clean-shaven look. Meanwhile, his little brother Prince Harry, 37, is a bushy beard enthusiast. Sun remember that the 39-year-old Duke of Cambridge had alreadynever let his beard grow. The eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was just very handsome with his bearded look. Photos of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, showing him with a bushy beard and mustache They are from 2008.”He just let them grow before starting pilot training in the Royal Air Force, during a ten-day exercise in Barbados with the Navy’s Special Boat Service“, accurate Sun.

Kate Middleton’s husband, 40, would not have sport this bearded look for aesthetic purposes. Prince William had grown a beard and mustache to try “disguise one’s identity during the mission“, according Telegraph at the time. Furthermore, Prince William, 39, is not alone in growing a beard on a mission. His father, Prince Charles, 73, had also already wore this look in 1975to remember Sun. Prince Charles was then acting naval exercises in alaska.

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge looks just like his great-grandfather

fans particularly I loved the old photos of Prince George’s father.8, Princess Charlotte, 6, and Prince Louis, 3. Some fans went as far as the compare with his great-grandfatherKing George V, according to Sun. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, could not grow a very long beard becausehad to get rid of him. The beard was just not allowed in the air force. Ever since the resurgence of these old photos, fans of the royal family have dreamed of rsee the duke sporting that sexy look. “Prince William needs to grow a beard“commented a Twitter user. “i’m going to need that Prince William shaves his head and grows a beardanother wrote.

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