PS VR 2: PS5 virtual reality will bring huge benefits to developers

game news PS VR 2: PS5 virtual reality will bring huge benefits to developers

Although the PlayStation 5’s PS VR 2 isn’t expected until next year, bits of information are starting to emerge. Some technical specifications of the virtual reality headset have been revealed and the developers are already considering significant improvements for games on the bracket. In fact, eye tracking and foveal rendering could very well immerse us in virtual worlds like never before. explanations.

Since the launch of the first PS VR in 2016, the technology related to virtual reality has made considerable leaps and many players no longer want cables in all directions (one of the great defects of the first PS VR of the name) and expect much more . better rendering and resolution. Therefore, PS VR 2 should satisfy most wishes and come close, PS5 obliges, to what we find on PC with HTC Vive and Oculus.


Selon Brendan WalkerDeveloper of Moss: Book 2, PS VR 2’s eye tracking and foveal rendering will bring a lot of agility and flexibility to studios. In fact, eye tracking (or eye tracking) makes it possible to know where the user’s visual attention is at all times and, therefore, can promote more natural interactions at the heart of games. Foveal rendering, on the other hand, is juxtaposed with eye tracking in that the part the player is looking at is displayed at a very high resolution, while the peripheral vision elements become increasingly blurred as the player zooms in. the gaze moves away. Basically, what you’re seeing is displayed at the highest quality while the rest is displayed at a lower resolution and with less detail.

PS VR 2: PS5 virtual reality will bring huge benefits to developers

With these two techniques, the human eye focuses on a “narrow window” and developers, according to Brendan Walker, will be able to prioritize this area. In a way, it’s reminiscent of SEGA’s Dreamcast console. This will only speak to the elderly, but one of the peculiarities of the Power VR graphics chip of the machine was precisely to calculate what the player saw and not the rest. Memory and CPU savings is one of the reasons most Dreamcast games stand out. Today’s technology is, of course, different, but the spirit is somewhat the same: put the load in the area the player sees, and reduce memory and processor activity at the edges.

The PS VR 2 promises a lot and there is a good chance that the technological gap is high compared to the first model. The words of the developers leave no room for doubt: we must be surprised! Now, it is most likely that we will have to wait until 2023 to be able to get hold of this second version of Sony’s virtual reality glasses. Which, we remind you, will be exclusive to the PS5.

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