PS5: GTA 6 can wait because this best seller is on sale

good plan news PS5: GTA 6 can wait because this best seller is on sale

If you own a PS5 and missed GTA V, or miss the streets of Los Santos, you can get back there thanks to the next-gen port of the game that launched on March 15. That said, it’s already being promoted, so it’s trading at €25 on Amazon instead of the usual €29.

8 years ago now GTA 5 was released on our consoles, a game that had achieved sell over sixteen million copies in a single day. In it you could follow the adventures of not one, but three heroes, including Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Buy GTA 5 for PS5 at €25 on Amazon

In addition to a particularly well-done story mode, the story led you to experience many twists and turns and chaos in the city of Los Santos. It offers many options, both in terms of activities and secrets to discover.

A story mode yes, but not only! Because with GTA V, the Rockstar studio had developed another completely separate adventure, gta online, which is still very popular even today. It is possible to play with no less than 30 players per session and carry out activities in competition or cooperatively.

In this context, Rockstar has chosen to bring GTA V back to the new next-generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. It benefits from many improvements that we will tell you about below. In any case, Amazon makes the famous cult game available, which goes on sale at €25.

What changes in GTA V for this port on next-gen consoles?

Rockstar has made a lot of changes to their excellent game, so we can find improved graphics with the ability to switch to 60 FPS or use Ray Tracing. Online mode is fully available without having to go through the game’s campaign.

The strong point of this port continues to be the drastic reduction in load times, either during the initial load or when switching between the three main characters. A real gain in comfort during the game session.

In addition to technical improvements, the game now has a menu that allows you to select the activity you want to do before embarking on Los Santos (Heist, arena, race, etc.). Content has also been added with Hao’s Special Works, a shop that allows you to upgrade your vehicle and modify its appearance.

With a tutorial for new players on the Online mode and its nice graphical overhaul, GTA V promises to be the talk of the town until the launch of its future big brother. If you want to discover Los Santos or return to it, you should know that it is available as a promotion on Amazon at the price of €25.

Buy GTA 5 for PS5 at €25 on Amazon

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