PSG-OM: the press, Henry, Germain, Rabesandratana… The “worst classic” takes him for his rank! – Soccer

The sad PSG-OM (2-1) on Sunday will not go down in history. Many media and observers have been impressed by the spectacle offered by Parisians and Marseilles in a silent Parc des Princes.

PSG-OM: the press, Henry, Germain, Rabesandratana...

Pochettino’s PSG and Sampaoli’s OM did not enjoy Sunday

We will remember the victory and the three points. This is the speech that the Paris Saint-Germain players could have made this Sunday after their triumph against Olympique de Marseille (2-1), at the end of matchday 32 of Ligue 1. A success with necessarily particular taste against the rival, but of which there will not be much to retain.

Y friendly match tune

not really classic , headlines L’Equipe on Monday. The sports newspaper estimates that The clash between PSG and OM was the image of the sad atmosphere in the Parc des Princes where the Parisian fans had decided to continue with the strike of encouragement. A full caliber game without noise is like an apron without alcohol, it doesn’t necessarily make you want to stay long or get close writes the newspaper Le Parisien.

Here, PSG-OM was savored in moderation, without noise or intensity, with an icy Marseille and an uninspired Paris, as if the meeting of the leader and his heir apparent no longer meant anything. continues the regional newspaper, which highlights a precious success at the end of boredom . For its part, La Provence attended a soporific classic . The air of a friendly match hung over the very quiet Parc des Princes describes the southern half.

T. Henry – i almost fell asleep

The press is not the only one to which this long-awaited poster is due. Usually I stay longer, but the first thirty minutes were soporific for me. Frankly, I almost fell asleep. Dj, there was no atmosphere in the stadium. The stock, it wasn’t terrible. , Thierry Henry judged the break on the Prime Video microphone. Without a goal, a game marked by numerous fouls, an atmosphere still absent in the Parc des Princes… The second half did not wake up the 1998 world champion.

Former OM and PSG defender Bruno Germain was not happier.It is the weakest classic in a long time in terms of level of play and spectacle. We football fans get bored (sic) , launched the father of Valre Germain to the newspaper Le Parisien. Former French international points finger at disappointing OM with his sterile game and who I had no ambition, except not to carry a suitcase . I don’t understand Sampaoli’s elections, they don’t serve football , slips. Before also criticizing PSG: As usual, PSG are disappointing. He only plays sequentially, without a team… With the means available to PSG, it’s dramatic.

The worst total shots in L1 this season

France Bleu Paris consultant Eric Rabesandratana was also bored. The former Parisian defender did not beat around the bush. There we are not going to go four ways, we saw the worst classic in history, he wrote on Twitter. This game is a parody of football. What a joke, we were expecting a reaction and ended up with perhaps PSG’s worst game this year.

In view of certain performances by their team this season, Parisian supporters have a choice. One thing is for sure, this PSG-OM will in any case remain one of the worst in terms of chances. Despite the three goals scored, there were only 10 shots taken during this match. This is the lowest total for a Ligue 1 match this season, as noted by the Opta statistician. Disappointing.

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