Rayane Bensetti devastated: this day when she completely collapsed in full dubbing

In the poster of the latest adaptation of The Lion King, Rayane Bensetti put his voice for the dubbing of Simba. During filming, the young actor was particularly moved by a scene from the film.

The dubbing of The Lion King did not leave Rayane Bensetti unmoved. On the contrary. The one who was chosen to play the voice of Simba in Jon Favreau’s Disney movie adaptation answered questions from his fans in a lengthy interview. It must be said that the film The Lion King fascinated the crowd, with almost 500 million euros raised only in the first weekend after its theatrical releasesynonymous with entering the Top 10 films with the best starts in history.

It is in an Instagram story that Rayane Bensetti gave her fans more time. When asked by a netizen what was the scene that moved him the most during filming, the young actor answered directly: “The scene where Simba sees his father in the reflection, I had to take breaks… It was hard”. But soon after, she confessed an even more exciting story.

Rayane Bensetti: “I am Rayane, son of Bashir”

Oui, Rayane Bensetti confessed to having broken during the recording. “Tough time when Simba said: ‘I am Simba, son of Mufasa… I heard: ‘I am Rayane, son of Bashir'”. If most viewers couldn’t hold back their tears upon witnessing the death of the lion cub’s father, these images have revived painful memories for Rayane Bensetti. As a reminder, the actor lost his father in February 2018. The latter died of Charcot’s disease.

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