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the covers

Habib Diallo’s composure. Although he hadn’t scored since the trip to Saint-Etienne on February 20 (2-2) and hadn’t set up since March 6 in Reims (1-1), Habib Diallo didn’t flinch when Millot pointed to the penalty spot. after Giulian Biancone’s foul on Kevin Gameiro. If the referee had to do it twice to signal the sentence -he had not done it hot, but changed his mind after seeing the images at the insistence of the VAR-, the Senegalese African champion did not need two attempts. Only one was enough to open the scoring, record his 2nd penalty (56th), after the one scored in Lyon on September 12, and his 10th goal of the season (the 11th even, counting his feat in the Valenciennes French Cup) . on December 16). After Ludovic Ajorque, the center forward is the second Racingman to reach the ten-goal mark in Ligue 1 in 2021-2022.

Diarra’s first term. After coming into play in the 68th minute against Lens on April 3 and in the 70th against Lyon a week later, each time taking over from Jean-Eudes Aholou, Habib Diarra lived his first stage in the League 1. Dawn. The young defensive midfielder, who turned 18 on January 3, was unimpressed a penny, playing fairly from sentry as he had in his two appearances at La Meinau. Bruno Irles’s players also seemed to seek to avoid him by going mainly to the flanks, a sign that is unmistakable. He was substituted in the 64th minute for Prcic, two minutes after receiving a warning for an overly muscular intervention on Kaboré. But above all it comes to light because Julien Stéphan had decided to change everything around him, giving Aholou and Sissoko their places respectively to Bellegarde and Thomasson at the same time.

the flops

The points yielded at the end by the Alsatians. Four points lost in ‘money-time’ in one week, against Lyon (1-1), then in Troyes this Sunday (1-1 too): the Blues paid in cash for not knowing how to ‘kill’ their last two games when they had the opportunity. And even the occasions. What to stay at your end and in your hunger. With these four points, he would simply be on the third step of the Ligue 1 podium tonight, instead of Rennais, whom he will host on Wednesday (9:00 p.m.) and who have three more points. However, they are still on an extraordinary streak of ten games without losing (4 wins, 6 draws).

Caci’s difficult first half against Conté. If he started his match well on the offensive plane, Anthony Caci, renewed on the right flank of the Alsatian defense after his successful interlude against Lyon, suffered defensively against an Abdu Conté who turned, at the conclusion (29th) and at the beginning ( 37th) of Aube’s two best chances from the first act. In the first, the Portuguese crossed his shot too much. In the second, Blues goalkeeper Matz Sels, embarrassed by the sun, finished off a ferocious Chavalerin cross from the side that went under the crossbar. But ‘Titi’ recovered well after the break, until he was replaced by Frédéric Guilbert in the 78th minute.

Poor attendance at the Aube stadium. While his team struggles to hold on, Trojan supporters struggle to rally behind him. It is true that the very sunny weather this Easter Sunday was probably more conducive to idleness and family parties than to going to the stadium. The same way! The thousand Strasbourg fans (including 826 in the car park) who had made the trip had no problem making themselves heard and even commanding attention in a half-empty Aube stadium (8,337 spectators in total). Not always for the better, everything must be said, especially in the declaration of the composition of the two teams where for each name indicated by the stadium announcer, the ESTAC players have been adorned with the same name since the correction prevents us from disclosing here.

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