Thomas Dutronc as a couple? These revelations about his very secret intimate life

Thomas Dutronc has it all. He plays the guitar perfectly, sings, is handsome, in short, the ideal son-in-law. But is he single? And if not, who is his partner? Objeko’s team does the research for you and reveals her entire love life in this article..

Thomas Dutronc: the ace of gypsy jazz

Thomas Dutronc is a singer in the reputation that should no longer be done. He is also the heir to an equally prestigious dynasty! The artist is in fact the son of Jacques Dutronc, to whom we owe, among others, Les cactus, or Et moi, et moi, et moi, as well as Françoise Hardy, emblematic singer of All the boys and girls, or again The time of love.

From an early age, Thomas became interested in gypsy jazz and performed at the Saint-Ouen flea market. He made his debut on his father’s album Brèves Rencontres in 1995. He then became interested in cinema, as an actor..

His first big success came in 2007 with the album Comme un manouche sans guitar, which becomes Gold record and won the Victory for Original Song at the 24th Victoires de la Musique ceremony. Since then, it has had hit after hit. Her last album, Frenchy, released in 2020, went platinum. And, at 48 years old, she’s not going to stop there!

Thomas Dutronc as a couple? The person responds…

Thomas Dutronc is very discreet about his private life. Too much perhaps? Some of his fans must be wondering what is going on with his life. loved… To find out more you have to go through his interviews, which are also few. However, in 2020, Thomas Dutronc gave an interview to VSD in which he specified that he would pass the confinement linked to COVID-19: “with [son] friend in Yonne, between Auxerre and Joigny”.

It is easy to imagine that it is a partner, but his identity has not been revealed. She could be the same woman that she mentioned in 2015 to our fellow Gala: “It is essential in my life. I met her very young and not long ago our paths parted. She taught me listening, generosity, kindness without calculation, and elegance. In every sense of the term. She made me someone better, calmer. Did they get back together? And is Thomas Dutronc still with this “friend” since the end of the lockdown? Unfortunately, we don’t know more. Let’s know more about her love life!

A sick mother asking for euthanasia

Unfortunately, if life sentimental Thomas Dutronc seems quite happy, it is not the same for his family life. The musician has known in the past a very conflictive relationship with his father, Jacques Dutronc. They are now fixed and have even started a 40 date tour called Dutronc & Dutronc. As for his mother, Françoise Hardy, if they are fusional, the drama hits them hard…

Françoise Hardy was diagnosed with a lymphoma more than 20 years ago. It is a very important cause of tumors. In 2019, his condition worsens. The singer herself declares on the RTL antenna that she has laryngeal cancer: “I’m in a nightmarish state of pain most of the time”. In June 2021, during an interview, Francoise Hardy she said to herselfnear the end”. He wants to be able to resort to euthanasia, and even spoke about it with the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. His mother, Madeleine Hardy, had also resorted to this completely illegal practice. She suffered from the terrible Charcot disease: “My mother was very lucky that her doctor found her a doctor hospital that sacrificed her with my collaboration when she couldn’t take it anymore in this horrible incurable disease”.

As for his case, he doesn’t have much hope: “As for me, I would like to have this opportunity, but given my low profile, no one will want to apply. Bis the greater the risk of being removed from the doctors’ order.

Thomas Dutronc, of course, is very pained by this idea. Let’s hope that his mother can have a peaceful end of life…

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