Tomorrow belongs to us before April 22, 2022: Charlie betrays the Browns, Tristan returns to the Spoon (Episode 1170 Summary)

“Tomorrow belongs to us” preview, detailed summary and spoilers of episode 1170 of Friday, April 22, 2022 of DNA in your daily series, Charlie seems to have chosen his side. Camille believes that she is above the law. Tristan returns to the Spoon.


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Tomorrow’s summary belongs to us from Thursday, April 21, 2022 is also online. Good reading.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Summary of episode 1170 of Friday, April 22, 2022

Tristan is back on the Spoon

Bart and Louise are getting married in a few weeks. Louise would like to have a small wedding, but Bart wants a big party so everyone knows that he is marrying the most beautiful woman in the world. Vanessa gets involved in the preparations. She thinks that white is the best color for a wedding. Louise thanks her for her participation and makes sure they can discuss it together. Vanessa reassures her, she knows very well that it is her marriage and not hers. However, the wedding is fast approaching. Therefore, Vanessa decides that they will make a point at each end of the serve. Also, Vanessa will text Bart and Louise whenever she has an inspiration. She asks them not to worry. Her marriage will be perfect, she will take care of it personally.

Tristan and Justine have parted ways by mutual consent. Over time, they parted ways. Tristan is back at the Spoon. Bart and Louise asked him to come help them because, between running the cafe and getting ready for the wedding, they need help. Vanessa does not want to have it in her paws and makes sure with Louise that Tristan knows very well that she is the one in charge of the wedding. Vanessa promises Louise that she will make an effort with Tristan. But the atmosphere between her and Tristan is still just as electric. Tristan tells Vanessa about his wedding menu proposal. He finds her ideas too complicated and explains to her that simple things always work. Vanessa thinks that Bart and Louise deserve better than one of her sliders and a food truck on the beach. Tristan loves this idea. He confides in Vanessa that she always thought he and Justine were getting married. Vanessa pretends to sympathize, but actually finds her breakup story depressing. She refuses to absorb negative vibes when she has to be more creative and innovative than ever due to marriage. Vanessa pushes Bart and Louise to talk to Tristan.

Etienne gives Camille a rather special job

Camille arrives at school ten minutes late, and it’s not the first time. She lies to Gabriel. Camille tries to make her believe that last night she dropped her mobile with which she wakes up thanks to the alarm. But Gabriel knows that the young woman published a story 8 minutes ago from the Môle Saint-Louis and gives him an hour of glue. Camille finds this unfair, especially with her being ten minutes late. She promises Gabriel that she won’t be late again if she removes this glue. Etienne, the new CPE, steps in and agrees to Camille’s request. Gabriel doesn’t appreciate Etienne questioning his decision. Etienne explains that he felt his decision was inappropriate. Etienne does not believe that repression is an effective educational method. In this case, Camille has an idea that would be more relevant. Gabriel has no choice but to bow to the CPE. Chloe attended the scene. She did not want to contradict Etienne’s decision in front of Gabriel, a story that does not lose all credibility. However, she wants the rules to be truly respected within the school, by everyone. Etienne convinces her to trust him.

Dorian believes that his father favored Camille because they are together. The young woman is delighted that she has become privileged and can be late all the time. She falls from a height when Etienne transforms her hour of glue into work. Etienne asks her to do a three-minute podcast about being late the next day. But Camille doesn’t know anything about it and she doesn’t think she can do it. Etienne is sure otherwise. In the evening, Camille realizes that this podcast will take three times as long as an hour of glue. She is so upset that she is ready to swear on her life that she will never be late again.


Is Charlie still under Anthony’s control?

Anthony and Ophélie Messy hold Charlie Molina and the Morenos hostage. Anthony still has a fever despite the antibiotics Christelle gave him. Los Desordenados demand that the Morenos give them two million euros. This is the amount that they should have retrieved from the Spoon. Sylvain quickly realizes that Charlie told them all about his new fortune. Ophelia confirms that the young woman revealed everything to Anthony during a visit. Ophélie demands that Sylvain call her bank to make a transfer. The Morenos explain that it is not possible due to the amount. But Ophélie doesn’t want to hear anything and she points her gun at Christelle. Sylvain will have to convince the bank of him otherwise he will be able to say goodbye to his wife. Charlie points out to Sylvain what Ophelia is capable of. Later, she adds that she heard him say that it was thanks to his gold bullion if they had all this fortune and that is why she encourages him to make this transfer. Sylvain orders him to shut up. Ofelia demands explanations. Sylvain tells Messy that he found a gold bar in Spoon. Ophelia doesn’t believe him. Christelle assures him that it is true and explains that this ingot fell out of her bag when they ran away. With the money from the sale of this ingot, they played in the casino.

Sylvain then loses his temper and gets mad at Charlie. The young woman announces to the Messys that she is on her side and asks them not to hurt Christelle and Sylvain. The brunettes are stunned.

At the police station, Damien examined the video surveillance of the port several times. He doesn’t understand why the Messy’s assaulted a small fisherman when they could have fled aboard a more powerful ship. In addition, they took the east exit to get to Spain, while the fastest way was to go through the south exit. When they discover that the only camera is located at the East exit, Damien and Martin understand that the Messy have led them to believe that they have gone to Spain to drop the case. Martin calls the fisherman. He pressures her and makes her see that she is at risk of going to prison for having been an accomplice of murderers. The fisherman confesses to Martín that he never left the Messys in Spain. They asked him to stage this and lie to the police again.

During this time, Christelle calls her bank, but the financial adviser is obliged to meet her or her husband in person to make a transfer of two million euros.

Nathan can’t get through to Charlie. He went to his house. The shutters were closed, the light was on, but no one answered her. Concerned, he turns to François. He confesses that they were so early the day before that it seemed like a breakup.

Wearing a wig, Ophélie accompanies Christelle to the bank, posing as her niece, Sandra.

Meanwhile, at the Moreno house, Charlie disinfects Anthony’s wound. But the latter does not know if he can trust him. Charlie kisses Anthony and steals his gun. Sylvain asks Charlie to give her the gun, but Charlie hands it back to Anthony, declaring, “Yes, you can trust me.” Sylvain falls from the clouds.

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