Where to have lunch in Paris for less than 20 euros?


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This selection is not just another list of the best Parisian restaurants, or the most typical ports or the trendiest tables. It is an affectionate compilation of gourmet places, those that we would suggest to a friend or a friend who arrives in the capital or who has to have lunch in a neighborhood that he does not know.

The selection criteria are for certain objectives: a formula that allows lunch at 20 euros or less (prices observed at the time of our visit), seasonal products that are not imported from the other side of the planet, a welcoming smile.

Other more personal arguments tipped the balance: the chosen establishments are canteens in the noblest sense of the term, places to which you see yourself returning, and returning again to taste, why not? This cake? With apples that they caught us eye on the neighbor’s table.

It is true that the result is apparently very heterogeneous, mixing chubby institutions that have been installed and classy gruns where you can taste Manchu specialties; delikatessen where you delight yourself with wild salmon from the Baltic Sea and high-end kebabs… But basically the same philosophy unites these good directions: the pleasure of delighting customers at a reasonable price, often at the price of great effort in the kitchen. We hope this pleasure is contagious!

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oneit is district

1st district of Paris

The Petit Bouillon Pharamond

For us it is the best broth in Paris (those restaurants in the capital that offer cheap traditional cuisine). This institution created in 1832 near Les Halles offered bourgeois dishes, inspired by Norman cuisine, in a Belle Epoque atmosphere. The two partners who took over the business in 2019 have maintained the setting (floral ceramics, mirrors, carpentry) and transformed the kitchen by melting prices. Tripe à la mode de Caen (€10.90) is always on the menu, generously served in a steaming saucepan. But the rest tackles the classics of Parisian brasseries with virtuosity: mimosa eggs (only 1.90 euros); bone marrow overflowing from the plate (4.10 euros); beef bourguignon pasta shells (10.50 euros)… For almost the entire menu, the owners source directly from the producers. Two small shadows on the board: the bottles of wine (4 euros for 25 cl) are passable and reservations are not possible in this crowded establishment all week. Arrives early.

24, rue de la Grande-Truanderie. Such. : 01-40-28-45-18. Petitbouillonpharamond.com/

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