PS5 : Sony revealed the chiffres de vente de sa console, de meilleurs résultats than the PS4 ?

News business PS5 : Sony revealed the chiffres de vente de sa console, de meilleurs résultats than the PS4 ?

Sony vient tout juste de dévoiler les chiffres de vente de la dernière née des Playstation. The PS5 realized three good scores and wasted the shortage of components. Sony promised out of a significant increase in its production efforts in six prochains mois, an annonce qui fait suite aux récents rapports financiers du géant.

Important Plusieurs Donnees

Dans le cadre de son bilan 2022, Sony récemment communiqué de nombreuses informations sur le résultat de ses différentes ainsi que ses projections pour les années à coming. Parmi ses données, le constructeur a notamment partagé These premiere forecasts for a return to normal PS5 stockseven qu’une premiere estimate concerning the end of the Cross-Gen PS4/PS5 sorties.

If the data is released by the firm peuvent sembler eloignées, I faut understand that Sony (and finally toute l’industrie vidéoludique) doit travailler avec a significant name of irregular parameters. The COVID crisis has greatly impacted the production and circulation of hardware components, and the current Ukraine-Russia conflict has greatly affected the logistics plans of the named industries, not the technology cell.

If the PS5 has toujours du mal à sortir d’usine, when are the machines left to produce? Suite à son précédent rapport, Sony vient de partager les chiffres de vente de sa dernière née, que n’a honnêtement pas à rougir face à sa grande soeur la PS4.

The PS5 stronger than the PS4?

C’est Veronica Rogers, director of commercial strategy chez Sony Interactive Entertainment, who revealed the chiffres de vente de la machine auprès de gamesindustry. On learning that he signed it for sale after 20 million exemplaires of his machine after his sortie at the end of the year 2020.

Nous sommes ravis declarer that Sony Interactive Entertainment has sold more than 20 million Playstation 5 across the world. After the launch of the PS5, we teamed up to work hard to offer a veritable next-gen gaming experience that conquered the whole world and our voulons took the time to thank fans for their hearts. Your passion for the Playstation brand is what motivates and inspires us in order to innovate in the matter of new technologies, to build the future of the video game, and to continue to beat the best end of the game.

Ces excellents chiffres atteints por la PS5 temoignent donc d’un intérêt toujours aussi fervent des fans pour la marque Playstation. Faced with his great soul the PS4, he is to note that the last one of Sony’s machines is finally past three years.

With 20 million machines sold in 18 months and 22 days, the PS5 is well known that they are still waiting for them in 15 months and 14 days. Néanmoins, ce “retard” est évidemment dû à la crise actuelle. A situation that Sony understood well, et contre laquelle la firm souhaite lutter. As I indicated dans le bilan du constructeur, Veronica Rogers announces that Sony anticipates “a significant augmentation of the production of PS5” and that “Sony works without relache for the fact that the console is available even though there are many who are in posséder une”.

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